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Alexa opened the large door to the elegant cathedral of Santa Mar a de la Sede with a heavy feeling. Her sister was to be married today, and she has to call it off at the last minute and tell everyone that her sister changed her mind. Surprisingly the handsomely chiseled groom, Santos, starts to laugh out loud instead of becoming angry or sad. For Santos, the purpose of this marriage is to connect to the higher’s a marriage of business, not love. Still, he doesn't want to waste all the preparations that went into the weddingSo he firmly takes Alexa by her soft shoulder and says, "You're coming with me."

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3.5 it was alright. 4  4

Then heroine is forced to take on the responsibility of telling her crummy parent, step parent and the hero who's the groom that her younger flighty spoiled sister who's the bride has made a run for it to the States in order to marry another man. The hero laughs at the whole thing and has the heroine take her sister's place because he doesn't care as long as he marries today to a single woman of the family. This is because the father and the mother are really greedy people who use their own child to get what they want. When the hero and heroine are alone, two talk and the heroine hears from the hero that her half sister and the hero weren't in love. Then the hero states the heroine will take the sister's place and the father has left his future in her hands. They have a passionate night that ends with the hero stating the heroine is marrying him and no questions asked. When the heroine makes her escape to back to her country home. Yet, the hero pops up at her doorstep and they have a talk about the whole marriage. The heroine rejects the marriage but the hero says the marriage was a bigger than she thought and tells her to call her father. Then the hero is forced to with with the heroine when the road is blocked and the hero's car is destroyed. They share a passionate night that leads to the hero revealing his background as an abused child. Then she gets a call from the father that reveals if she marries the hero then the father won't go to prison for embezzling company funds. However, the heroine states the father should pay for his crimes. Her strong and firm eyes and words move the hero and he reveals in his mind that he wanted the heroine. So, he tells the heroine that he won't charge the father and she is free. Then he comes back when the heroine is talking with the sister who's happy with her less luxury life. The hero confesses his love to the heroine and the heroine confesses her love to him. It was an alright story for me.

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Love at first sight but at the wrong time.. sweet ending 5  5

A handsome nouveau rich man is set to marry a young aristrocrat. but what awaits him at the altar was a beautiful woman with strong resolute eyes telling him his bride has ran away. Santos offers a bargain and decides to take Alexa as a replacement. But was she really just a replacement? This story revolve around people with so much pride who always assumes for the worst. But throughout the story they showcase their true feelings for each other when theyre caught off guard. They fell in love at first sight but are both too proud to admit. Santos finally learns what love is and puts Alexa's happiness as priority. This is a nice title. Beautiful art. And Santos is gorgeous.

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