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Kieron made a name for himself in the newspaper world through a scoop…and Beth's life, which he’d used to get the scoop, changed for the worse. What made things even harder was that she was now pregnant with his baby. Three years have passed, and Beth’s changed her name and is starting a new job. Little does she know that her new boss at the Daily Globe is none other than Kieron…

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Left a bad taste in my mouth 1  1

This guy is just a selfish jerk!!!His excuse was that he asked them not to publish it after he already handed in the article!!! He also apparently named her as his source since everyone knew she was the one who told him and he chose to use her for the article in the first place and then turns around and calls her cold!Well of course she is!!It's like she said "you made her this way"You ruined her life turned her into a social pariah ,almost got her thrown in prison, basically almost turned her son against her,forced her to marry you. It was so bad she had to change her name! He didn't even apologize until he found out that his letter didn't get received, not thinking that the criminal's sister might not get rid of it. He didn't even offer to write a retraction or something. Getting captured in Africa doesn't excuse what you did. It sucks that it happened to him but it doesn't undo what he did, but he seems to think that it does. This book makes me so mad at what a selfish bully this guy is and that they even ended up together. I honestly wish I could get my money back.

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I don't understand 2  2

I didn't like either of the characters in this manga or the story. The art was okay. It seemed to have a older style to it. The Male main character was horrible and the female main character was not much better. I didn't understand how leaving a letter to the female lead after completely betraying her could make him less responsible. I also cannot understand how the male lead could hand in that article and then expect it to be held off till later, if he wanted to explain he should have stayed there and not given the editor the story yet. This proves what was most important to him regardless of his words. Finally, my biggest problem was that he was abusive. There's no excuse for that. He pushed her a couple different times and nearly hit her their son calling out was the only thing that stopped him... that is not a love story. I didn't really like this one. I wonder if the novel was made more than a few decades ago when abuse was more acceptable.

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