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Natalia Carini is a master massage therapist who’s devised a technique that has healed many people after years of pain. When a new patient, a polo player, comes in, she gets a bit too wrapped up in the massage and absentmindedly slides from business to pleasure. What would be a faux pas with any customer is magnified when she finds out that he's not just a polo player, he's Prince Kadir of Hadiya... and her future husband! Will the future queen be able to convince Kadir that she’ll make him a worthy wife?

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Prejudiced dinglebat!!!!!! 1  1

I was trying to censor my words but the hero in this story really made it hard for me. The hero had his own personal blinders that seemed to get narrower and narrower as he got to know the heroine. So, they meet in Venice at the heroine's spas and have a hot night. What they don't know is that they're betrothed to each other because the hero who's supposed to be the son of a sheikh, is really the son of the old king of Niroli. The heroine is of common birth but she's a noble of character and handwork as they come, in fact, the King told her himself that he wanted her to marry the newfound son. The heroine agrees to the proposal, ready to give up her career but not before she goes to her spa one last time. Circumstances lead her to be the massager and the client, a real ego of a XY Chromosome takes her massage as an invitation for coitus, despite the first objections from the heroine. Oh, did I forget to mention that he insults her and her spa by comparing it to a brothel???? They still have coitus and we get a short summary of the hero's life: Dad hardly showed the hero any attention and attention were disgust and all that because he suspected the hero wasn't really his son. Then he becomes the pot, calling the kettle of a heroine a player when he has bedded other women before her as well. Oh, it gets better because he thinks everything is fine since they used a condom???!!! Are you serious???!!!! Unless there has been groundbreaking discovers to make a condom 100% effective, it's internationally known that even the best quality of condoms are only 97-98% percent effective. Now, they get the surprise of seeing each other again and finding out their one nighter is their fiancee. Now, the hero is just laying the blame about the heroine being playgirl, giving it out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. I get that being around women who use you for sex is painful and having a mother who is a woman revealing her infidelity before marrying the man the hero called his father but you were just as responsible for canoodling with the heroine but that doesn't matter because the heroine is a woman!!! In fact, the blinders on his eyes just get bigger and bigger as he sees how amazing the heroine is and it hardly changes his opinion after they're married. I give the heroine props for couples of things. 1) when they go to the hero's birth country and encounters the last girlfriend of the hero who leaves a cloud of some of the heaviest perfume known to man and flaunts her relationship about the hero to the heroine who cuts her down. The woman probably needs wear so much perfume because her body odor is pungent. 2) She doesn't let the hero on be on top and fights him back with who's the boss. After going through it, there was something I really wanted to punch the hero's younger brother for. Yes, the dad was suffering because of the criticisms he endured for taking on a child not his own and the mother for having a child with another man. I'm going to be straight with you pal!!! You were loved by two parents but your brother had only one parent with a person who couldn't stand him. He suffered for something he had no control over. Then the heroine is revealed to be pregnant but the hero denies that he's the father, despite being with the heroine not once but twice!!!!! He is just being a totally jerk, pig, and creep because he can't face the idea that he is the father. By then, I wish I would have my slipper to slap him across the face and then tell him that he was behaving the exact same way as the man who raised him. That would knock him down a couple of pegs. The hero is told by the King that he loved his mother but she left when she found out he was the King of a country. Then he questions of what's keeping him from being in the heroine's arms DOES THIS MAN DEFY SCIENCE AND HAVE THE MEMORY CAPACITY OF A GOLDFISH???????????!!!!!!!!!! There were the things that you said like denying the baby was yours and calling the heroine a temptress, among other vile things. Then he wonders, "do I have to get on my knees and beg for your forgiveness, and says "NO, How could I do such a disgraceful thing," My answer: you deserve it. I wish that were true but you got lucky because of the knife in your chest. Spoiler alert: the ex-girlfriend comes into the palace with a knife in her purse and almost kills the heroine because she believes that by killing the heroine and the baby, the hero will go back to her. Here is a question: HOW IN THE HECK, WAS SHE ABLE TO GET PAST SECURITY WITH THAT KNIFE??? She cuts the hero on the arm but when she's about to do the killing blow, the hero takes the knife. So, there's no need for the hero to get down on his knees because he's on his back bleeding out the carpet. When he's at the hospital and bleeding out, he actually says sorry and ask the heroine to forgive. Then we skip three months and the hero is being crowned King. I wanted a groveling three pages long, not a stupid coronation!!!I definitely dislike this harlequin.

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WTH! 2  2

What the hell! I was expecting a lot from this story because it got 20+ 5 stars. But this story is basic AF! I wanted them to have more tension, while she's pregnant, then I want to see her give birth and see the baby to prove that he is the father. I want to see her shove it in his face that he is the father! The whole exGF scene at the later part is not necessary! I'm not interested in her crazy ass. I want to focus on the couple's relationship, just the two of them. I want to see him fall slowly for her and contemplate a little more on how mean he is to her. UGH!!!! I'm so frustrated! wasted 6$ for this!!! IT'S SOOO BASIC!!!

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