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Adam Ryder, his film production studio on the brink of collapse, answers a summons to be considered as a candidate for the throne of Niroli. With money on his mind and a rambunctious child at his side, Adam hopes to manipulate his position to save his company. Then he meets Elena, a blind piano teacher who inspires love in him—love for Niroli, for his son, Jeremy, and for Elena herself. Unfortunately, the royal house has some strict requirements for becoming king that may threaten what happiness he's found.

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throw the contract in their face 4  4

For those who have read the series on Niroli, with his bull-headed ancient ruler then you know what's going to happen. With the man's heirs swearing off rights to the throne like flies, the King decides the next heir is the child both he and his son denied existence for years. That would be the hero who's the CEO of a production company on its last legs. He's also the father to a five year old boy who gets into trouble if the hero takes one eye off him. The hero has no idea why this is happening because a year ago, the little boy was a fun and happy kid. The heroine deduces the little boy's out of control stems from the father's tense nature and I deduce the tense nature started with the Kingdom demanding for his presence and his company falling into the red. The only reason he even goes to the country is to get the money to save his country. It's where he meets our visually impaired heroine who gives him an ear, a place to stay, and sound advice on how to deal with life. The heroine sees that despite the hero being cold and desperate for money, he's a loving clumsy father who's lonely since his mother neglected him, his father's denied him, and the boy's mother used him. So, him knowing how to give and receive love is hard for him to understand. The two even fall in love with each other. She helps him with all the things coming down on his head like he can't meet the King till he signs his life contract in order to get the money. This contract was stupid: 1) he can't be in contact with the heroine (what's with the country holding it against a guy meeting a blind person!!! Are they prejudiced?????) , 2) has to give up his job, 3) he has to send his son to a swiss boarding school right after signing this, etc. I was still shocked the hero didn't crumpled into a ball and throw it as a pitch right at the lawyer's face. However, I understood because the man who too busy learning his son disappeared because he heard the rumor of his father sending him away. The hero finds him and reassures that he's not sending him. Then the hero is given a letter that his father had written when he discovered his existence but wasn't able to acknowledge the hero. The letter helps him make his decision to thrown the contract back and letter with his son to find the heroine who's departing for her scholarship in New York. It was really a sweet ending.

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