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Sixteen-year-old Kelly believed everything that her first love, T., said to her. He was a gorgeous hunk and her brother’s best friend On the night of Kelly’’s junior prom, T. steps in to take the place of her sick date, saving the day and treating her like a lady. After their romantic evening, they walked alone on the beach and T. made a promise to Kelly. “Let’s go on a date every day. And on your eighteenth birthday, I’ll ask you to marry me.” After that night, however, he was gone and the promise went unfulfilled. Now five years have passed and T. has unexpectedly showed up in her life again… What should Kelly do?

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editor's comment - July 17th, 2015

Heroine met hero when she was under 18, and she fell in love with him at first sight. And they promised to marry when heroine is 18. However in a chance hero went for a journal, he was caught and got in prison for half year, left heroine alone. In the prison, what keeps hero going on is heroine. And now, after 5 years, hero comes back to ask heroine to marry him…

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Awful Heroin... I mean bad. 2  2

Usually I am more critical than other harlequin readers. I pick things apart. It's just the way I am. Still this one wouldn't take someone like me to pick it apart. It's Bad! Everything Erin's review says about the lead female is true... I wish the male lead would have left the female lead alone like she told him to, spent some time to get over her, and then went and found someone worthy of him. She was horrible. How can she sit there and pretend she was the only one with feelings? Even if he wasn't tortured in some prison she didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. She didn't look for him or try to find out what happened when he didn't show up. Even though she claimed she had faith and waited until she was 18. Her faith was obviously already gone by then because if not she would have at least checked to see if he was okay. She could have called his family or did something to find out, but she didn't. That's not love. She doesn't have the ability to really love as self absorbed as she is. It's no wonder her marriage to the other guy failed. Any marriage to someone like this would end in failure. Which brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves of characters or real life women of this type. people who do this are irredeemable in my eyes. That is: marrying someone else to forget another person, or marrying someone else to make the another person angry, jealous, or to get back at them. Talk about self absorbed. This type of person is incapable of loving anyone except themselves... and this is what the female lead is. She is one of these horrible... people. If she truly loved him and didn't just want his undivided attention and affection to feel good. She would have tried a little harder to understand him even if she didn't know what he went through. She would have tried a little harder to find him or at least find out what happened to him. Still she did nothing... nothing at all. When he showed back up when he found out she got divorced from the husband she decided to marry to forget him, she had the nerve to blame and have an attitude with him and tell him how she suffered. She's the type of horrible person who thinks the world revolves around her happiness alone apparently. The ability to love others is only possible if you have room in your heart for more than yourself. This girl clearly did not. When the sister of the male lead finally told her what happened to him. Then showed her irrefutable proof that he was thinking about her even as he was tortured in prison she cried and wanted him to say he loved her again. I was hoping he wouldn't but this being a harlequin, I guess he had to. Still If you are truly in love with someone you have to trust them. She didn't have that trust for him and didn't even really try to trust him. I gave the story 2 stars instead of 1 though because I did like the other characters. Despite the fact that I wished that the male main character fell out of love with the female lead. I liked how he conversed with his characters he created. I also really liked the sister. Overall, I'd say that there are people out there who would enjoy this manga, and I would have as well, if the female lead was different.

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Worst heroine ever! Stupid kelly! 3  3

Lo and behold the most impulsive, judgemental, self-serving and irrational heroine of all harlequins. My goodness. At age 17, she wanted to be taken in by a guy many years her senior even knowing he could get arrested for statutory rape. Goes off and marries a replica of him and divorces him. The man comes back and she keeps pushing him away and not giving him a chance to explain. Tell her the story, tries to run away and makes it all about herself. He saves her and protects her from a moving car and gets hit and ends up in the hospital. SHE NEEDS TO GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE! seriously. T's sister is right when she confronted her and ask " How many times are you going to hurt him!!!" She does not deserve him This poor guy. Everything he went through and almost dying in prison for a false crime.. coming back and wanting nothing but love her and this biznatch shoves him off and keeps hurting him.

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