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It was Sabrina’s wedding day, but her groom was running late because of his work. Could she really be happy in this marriage? No. Sabrina ran away from the church in her wedding dress and headed to the lodge filled with her happy childhood memories. But on the way she became stranded at the side of the road in a blizzard. Looking for help, she started to walk, but she was deep in the mountain wilderness… “Zach! It’s Snow White!” When they saw the black-haired beauty in the snow, the children were excited. She`d appeared out of nowhere and fainted in Zach’s arm. Who could she be?

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editor's comment - May 27th, 2016

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs. The dwarfs in this comic are probably the cutest dwarfs I've ever seen. I am glad that the Heroine did not succumb to marrying someone she doesn't love and she is definitely a woman who knows how to fight for herself.

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after the kiss 4  4

I liked reading this harlequin comic because in the fairytale of Snow White, even if we go by the original version, it's still the same happily ever after with little focus on the princess and prince unless it said "wedding" in the same sentence. So to recap, the heroine jilts the groom on the day of their wedding because he was running late since he was putting work before her. The heroine can't go with that lifestyle because it's the same lifestyle that her parents had that depressed the heroine's mother to an early grave. Shoot, she even said that when the mother was in the hospital, the father hardly went to see her. She comes upon a log cabin where 7 cuties and a princely looking fellow live. They nurse her back to health and she cares for the children, while the hero does work. She thinks the children are all his, so imagine her surprise when she learns that he's the uncle who was giving his brother and sister-in-law a couple of date nights. The heroine learns the hero and brother were abandoned by their parents and weren't given support by the foster parents nor the orphanage. So, the brother became a family man to give the love to the kids who were in his position and the hero became a work alcoholic who didn't want to have the responsibility of taking care of another person. The hero drives the heroine back to her family who are denser than a fruitcake, believing the heroine is marrying the jilted groom no matter how many times she says no. The fiancee is no different and it takes a bachelor auction for the heroine to stumble upon to see the hero has volunteered himself in and she gets him on the highest bid to spend time with him in order for the ex-groom to get off her back. The heroine really needed the hero's help in that situation because the man was being aggressive towards the heroine. The hero takes the heroine to a log cabin to get away from the drama and he realizes that he's fallen in love with the heroine. He wastes no time telling this and she wastes no time telling him how she feels. We get a cute reunion with the heroine back with the seven children who find out her prince is their uncle and the wedding.

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Good story 3  3

This one is good. It's not exactly one that will stand out in my mind for a long time, but it still made me feel warm and happy. I liked both main characters, though the female lead, ran from her arranged marriage on her wedding day. I didn't fault her for it. The guy she was supposed to marry was a complete jerk. If I was to complain about anything about her, it would be that it took her too long to get rid of him. She should have done something before the actual wedding day. Still, that didn't bother me too much. I also like the 'two ships passing in the night' quote. I'd be happy to read this one again sometime.

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