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Saskia "Sashie" Ford and Lucius "Luke" Armytage have never gotten along. As step siblings, they’re not related by blood, but Sashie’s always been out to draw blood. So Luke does his best to stay out of her way. When they bump into each other at the family'’s summer home in Tuscany, they might find that they need each other…but can the two of them coexist under one roof?

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The hero and heroine are step siblings but have had a strained relationship for a long time, both bicker at each other but the heroine is usually the one who instigates the fights. However, the heroine decides to try and have a better attitude with the hero and calls a truce. That truce helps them learn more about each other and how they felt for since the marriage of their parents. The heroine also reveals her reason for being here is to get away from her boyfriend who has no idea where she is. She ran off because she came home and found in bed with his ex-wife. The hero gets mad for the heroine's sake and decides to give her a good time of shopping, eating out, and parties. They have a great time together with some ups and downs of them dancing with the opposite sex but it ends on a good note. The hero offers his home to her for a place to stay since she was supposed to be moving in with the ex-boyfriend. She considers his offer and takes, which strengthens their relationships. The boyfriend comes knocking on the hero's door to find the heroine and she confronts him on his liaison with his ex. He tries to defend himself but then throws blame on the heroine for not giving him what Steve Harvey calls the cookie and he reached his limit. I say, too bad but you deserve it. It's not just the fact you slept with another woman but you slept with your ex, which is really bad. The ex-boyfriend becomes aggressive but the hero steps in to give him a good punch to the face. They throw him out of the house with his threats and the whole thing pushes them hit the home run together. Things start to look up till the ex appears again with threats to give a paparazzi dirt on the hero and heroine of their relationship and how incestuous it would look, despite the hero and heroine aren't even blood related in the first place. The heroine panics for the hero and lies that she and the hero are engaged. However, the tables turn and the ex sends in news that the hero and heroine are engaged before the heroine can explain to the hero. The hero takes it the wrong way and a fight breaks out. The heroine is hurt and runs to her family home with the hero running after her. The heroine gets there first and thinks over their past events and realizes that she still loves the hero and wants to fight for him. The hero appears and they hug tightly. He reveals that he wanted to propose to her but the newspaper article beat him to it. He wanted to apologize after their fight but she had gone before he could. He asks the heroine to marry him and she agrees and they kiss. Then they go inside to celebrate their dad's birthday and their engagement.

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