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One moonlit night on a luxury cruise liner, Jenna, a member of the crew, is approached by the owner of the ship, millionaire and known playboy Nick. For her, it’s a dream come true…but she doesn’t realize that Nick has strict rules against fraternizing with the crew and has mistaken her for a guest. She knows that he’s unlikely to forgive her when he finds out her true identity, but she can’t bring herself to tell him the truth once she’s under his sweet spell… When Nick eventually does find out, will he cast her away?

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I can't help but wonder why so many of these harlequin women/men sleep with a man/woman they just meet without protection of any kind... I mean, in this story, if he's such a man slut he must have heard of condoms or else he would have many kids all over the world (works on a cruise and sleeps with tons of different women) and a girl does have a voice she can actually suggest such a thing. Especially if she already knows of his exploits... did she start off thinking she would be different for some reason? Isn't that dumb. Of course he wanted a DNA test. If she's so willing to sleep with him right away without any protection who's to say she wouldn't with any number of people. The kids in his eyes could belong to anyone. After all, they were only really a fling anyway neither really knew each other. She said she wanted to only get married if he loved her, then he comes out and says he loves her. He wants to stay with his kids. Both characters had unrealistic expectations. The lead female as a single parent stayed at home and just made baskets for a living? Those wicker baskets must be real quality, in high demand, and expensive cause otherwise the fact that she was not homeless is unrealistic. Before trying to chase him down if she didn't want him to know or have any custody rights then she should have found an actual job. Her sister must have been working and paying most of the rent. Well, overall, I'd say the story was okay. The lead characters were not to my liking but the art was good.

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