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Ianthe Dane is exploring Greece when she comes across a photograph at a gallery that touches her deeply. The photographer is Lysander Rosakis, and Ianthe quickly falls in love with his expressive eyes and the images he's able to capture. But Lysander isn't the simple, independent photographer she thought—he's the manager of a multimillion-dollar shipping company. And Ianthe isn't just any tourist—she's searching for clues to her past left behind by her birth mother.

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a bit dull 2  2

Casandra was right. I felt there was a too much development shoved into a small space of 129 pages. I mean, the heroine finds out her parents aren't her birth parents the hard way. So, she ditches everything to head to Greece since she has only her name to go. Understandable, considering what happened. On a small island during her vacation, she runs into the hero who's the photographer. They have the vacation tryst then he kind of drops her in the middle of the hyenas (relatives). I mean, he literally just took her out for dinner and it was to meet his parents along with his next fiancée and her family. So, the heroine wasn't pleased about that (neither would I). Then the next morning, the hero gets pulled away by his father who wants him to marry the right girl but the hero refuses since he already followed his father's orders on marriage and that ended terribly (wife was multiple cheater and liar till the day she died). The heroine gets pulled away from the prospective bride's father who thinks she might be his long lost daughter. For me, I felt like that was too much add on. Plus, I don't it was fun for the heroine to find her prospective birth father who revealed he paid her birth mother to get an abortion. He tells her to keep it a secret and she does. The problem is the hero sees the ending of their exchange with the man kissing her on the cheek. He suspects (using his past experience with his wife) and tries to get an answer. She's tight-lipped and he ends the relationship. However, he's unable to forget and confronts the man where he gets the truth. He goes to see the heroine just as she's leaving. He opens up about everything from past to present. He confesses his love and she confesses her past to present with an "I love you" to the hero. They decide to get married and have a small ceremony with immediate family on the island. Then the hero tells her that he's found her birth mother and are going to go see her after the ceremony. I felt the story would have been better without the adding the birth father or such. It felt too dramatic in the span of probably 48 hours.

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Forced Drama 2  2

I didn't really like this one. The art was good, but that was all it had going for it. The male lead didn't trust the female lead even though he claimed to love her. I'd say his supposed love was more infatuation than anything. The female lead didn't make any attempts to explain herself to the man she supposedly loved which would have made it so all the initial drama wouldn't have happened. What's worse the female lead accuses the male lead of being like the rich man who made her birth mother abandon her in England. He had shown nothing but sincerity to her (minus the fact that he couldn't trust her.) so her words were only meant to cause a rift because she wanted some extra drama apparently. He never said he wanted her to get an abortion if she was pregnant or that he wouldn't be with her, she put words in his mouth and then accused him of being something he was not all to hurt his feelings based on her presumptions. Anyways, this one was not for me, that much I'm sure of. I probably won't read this one again.

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