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Historical Romance HEART OF THE HAWK 2

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Hawk, they called him. For Roderick, Duke of Emory, soared in battle. And though the warrior had fallen to his enemy, he was determined that his people would survive. Even if the price to be paid was Thea, the woman who had become a part of his very soul.

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Hawk is an absolute jerk. 2  2

So irritating. I cannot stand all the humiliation and travesties the female lead had to go through to salvage the pr$ck of a jerk Hawk is. He does not deserve her. He was a walking muscle with nothing but libido going on. I think he took her forcibly so many times i lost count. JERK JERK JERK!!!!

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the female lead was decent but I Disliked the male lead 3  3

Okay taking into account this was supposed to take place many centuries ago, I can be a bit lenient about how horrible the male lead was to the female lead because women had no real rights. The way she acted was more 20th century strong for a woman than a woman of that age. The type of strength you would see from women back then when they were considered more like assets than people, was more the ability to influence a man's decisions without him realizing he was being influenced. She is boisterously at odds with him. She was supposed to be a noble but acted nothing like one at all even before she was captured she did things odd for women of that age. The man was strong I guess but really there was nothing else I could see that was good about him really. I did like the story, but I just felt they could have made the lead female a bit more like a woman from those times and the man could have had more to his character than just muscles and force.

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history bites part 2 3  3

We go back to where the hero states that he won't give the heroine to another man but the heroine brings up the question of his future wife and the hero avoids it. They make a deal that if the heroine brings the fortress back up then the hero will let her go and she won't say a word about him kidnapping her. They agree then the hero punishes her for escaping. I loved how the heroine handled the guests. Then it surprised me that even after seeing the heroine doing inventory, which requires learning how to read and do calculations in one's head, luxury that people like nobles can only afford. The hero blows the notion of the heroine coming from a noble family like it is nothing. Oh, the irony when he realizes who's family she comes from and starts liking like a sexist, pig-headed, donkey's behind. Even his advisor can tell that she must be from a influential family because of her skills. Then comes the day of her promise and the hero promises to let her go, when he goes to court to get a wife. Here is what I don't understand about this man, he suspects that she is a noble whose virtue he took, leaving her to be shamed by society and yet, he won't pry to figure out which noble family she belongs to so he can marry her. Yep, that man was only using the heroine to his best, the creep. We also see that the King Lothair has two sides: childish and sneaky. The heroine's father returns and is overjoyed to find the heroine back home but angry that his daughter won't reveal her kidnapper. I don't blame him, I would want to know who took my child and sever his external male organ. The heroine's sister then falls in love with hero's cousin (the one who the heroine saved and nursed back to health) without knowing who he is. It's cute to see a girl in love. Then the hero is at Lothair's court where the king is encouraging to the hero to marry the father's daughter (the heroine). In case you didn't know, the hero has no idea that the daughter is the heroine and his face is priceless when he realizes it. I am glad that the heroine's mother defends her daughter. There are some hidden meanings with the first interaction between the hero and heroine since they last saw each other. We also find out that the hero's cousin has fallen for the sister of the heroine. Then the hero once again forces a kiss on the heroine when he catches her alone and after hearing her parents talk insults her. Next, he hears from the heroine's father of her pregnancy and the fact that the father only knows that she never told him who her kidnappers were. That should have been proof that she kept their promise. Then the hero goes on lies to the father that he doesn't care and will take the heroine as his wife. Now, here is what I don't understand is that he says all these compliments about the heroine but never says them to her face. It doesn't take much to say that you are a smart and kind person. But no, the hero doesn't do it, not to mention that the hero thinks the heroine is a sly frenchwoman because he thinks she was aiming at being in power at Blackstone when she thought at the beginning of the book that the the hero who was also the heir was dead. Then he thinks that the heroine's father and her were in an conspiracy to trap him but didn't he hear how the father was afraid of the heroine marrying the hero to his wife because of the loss of her virginity. He bases all of this on a King's niece who was a loose woman. Some people call this thinking, I call it paranoid. What I can't believe next is that the heroine gives so easily into the man who basically shamed her and as her placed in the court as a sullied woman. The two just can't find a bridge to walk on. The hero leaves for court and the brother asks her, "Why didn't you protect your chastity?" I was ready get out the medieval version of a frying pan and hit him like he was roger rabbit. The poor heroine is caught between a rock and a hard place because she married the man who is the father of her baby but can't say it because it will reveal who kidnapped her and stole her virtue, but if she remains quiet then both she and her child will suffer. I blame both stupid hero and heroine. Then the hero's advisor comes to look for the heroine to ask for her help on a sickness that has spread at the hero's home. When they first meet, he does the something that the hero should have done when they reunited: apologized. The advisor apologized for what he did and I was so happy. They then proceed to leave with a bunch of herbs in order to heal the people and the heroine leaves the hero a secret message because of the king's spies. The rest of the family thinks the advisor is the viking but with the description from the servants, the hero realizes that its his advisor. After a certain time, the hero has had enough of the King's tactics and decides to escape to home. The heroine's mother helps, implying that she has a good idea of who is the father of her grand baby and the hero makes another compliment about the heroine that he still has never said to the heroine. I like how the heroine keeps on going and eventually figures out how to cure the sick. I think the hero is finally getting a good taste of bitter medicine when the advisor locks him out of his home and refuses to open the gate till the sickness has resided. Not to mention, leaving the hero hanging on the idea of the heroine dying. Two weeks later, the heroine awakens just fine and the advisor learns of the heroine's pregnancy and is so ticked that he challenges the hero and the heroine's honor. I was so pleased with the advisor. The love how the advisor reveals the hero's stupidity in front of all the men. I was finally glad that the hero told the heroine that he loved her. The ending was a bit sweet, but the whole thing was hard to read because of the treatment of women.

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