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Romance The Mistress Bride

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The Mistress Bride

At first, Evie was perfectly comfortable being just Raschid’s lover even when everyone was against it. But the day was coming when he must take an appropriate bride. Evie knew their relationship couldn’t last, but then came another problem—she was pregnant. Evie knew her dream of having a life together with Raschid was impossible, but she was still hopeful. When she told him the news, he wasn’t as happy as she thought he’d be. He felt as if he had no choice but to get married because of the baby. That wasn’t the kind of life Evie wanted. With her pregnancy, nothing but difficulties came her way. Can Evie still get her happy ending somehow?

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different sides 3  3

The hero and the heroine are in a relationship that has both sides of their families hating it for a lot of reasons: who they are, their religion, their status in each other's country, and the usual "don't get involved with this one,". What I didn't like about this was the fact that the heroine was getting so much crud from the public even though the hero was in the relationship too. I don't understand, why do noble and rich women in England get harassed and half the time the men don't. I feel like the hero only uses the heroine for sex and doesn't even realize the prejudice that she gets from her family and press until he goes to her brother's wedding, who is one of the only three people who is kind to the heroine being his bride and a family friend that cares for the heroine. I like the brother of the heroine, he's nice and defends the heroine. I couldn't believe the mother slapped away her daughter's hand when the heroine was trying to comfort her during the ceremony. I also hate that the heroine states the treatment is something she deserves. She does not and the hero finally realizes what her life at home is like. She is ostracized. I did like to see the hero's jealousy when he saw the heroine talking happily with another man, it's the nice friend. Then after everything, the end of the reception that didn't go so well because the heroine go the flying bouquet. When she was alone and had already thrown the bouquet away, the hero comes in and she reveals her pregnancy, which shocks the hero. The hero does get a few brownie points for not saying, "Who's the father?", we only learn that the hero and his father are planning to announce his engagement to a distant cousin. Therefore, the heroine's pregnancy puts a wrench in the hero's family plans but he say that they'll have to get married now and the heroine rebells against "have to" part. She then states that she will raise her child alone but the hero won't let her but she escapes to her apartment with the help of the nice friend only to have the hero come after her. I didn't like that the heroine was so quick on judging the baby's gender to be a boy because she used the gender form "he" to describe the baby. I did find a cute scene where the heroine accidentally burns herself from hot water and the hero immediately goes to her aid with cooling it off and wrapping a bandage around it. It only gets worse when the hero's father without the hero's permission, announces the hero's engagement to the other woman. This causes flocks of paparazzi to flock the poor heroine's door and receive nasty voicemail from her mother about her embarrassing her. The hero and the heroine escape to his apartment, spend a little time together till the heroine's mother comes barging in, demanding the hero to release her daughter. After some tension and the heroine leaving the room, the mother starts acting a little bit nicer and has the hero make sure that he takes good care of the heroine and the baby. However, that doesn't work out because when he leaves, men of the hero's father show up at the apartment with a check and a business card of a private clinic. It shocks the heroine so bad that she almost suffers a miscarriage. I did like how the heroine's mother kept the hero away in order for the heroine not to suffer any stress even though the hero's was escalating. I also liked that the hero waited in that hospital for two days, brownie points for endurance before the heroine let him see her. He looked haggard. They had a bit of a spat, mostly from the heroine but it worked out and the hero's father gave them consent to marry. First, they get married in a christian church in England then fly by helicopter to a plane to the hero's country, Behran I think. I loved that the people of Behran acknowledged the heroine and how the father of the hero wasn't the one who told the men to give the heroine the business card, only the check. I told like they start off good and the fact that the heroine did ask the king's permission herself to marry the hero. It was a good ending.

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