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Natalie runs a modeling agency, and Adam's company is giving her the chance to make it to the top of the industry. But then Adam accuses her of sleeping her way into the gig, which is the last thing Natalie wants to hear. Regardless, Natalie is attracted to the high-handed and pure-hearted CEO, while Adam is drawn to Natalie's serious and sincere personality. Though they know it can't last, they share an intimate and sorrowful night together. This must be a sweet dream...and I never want to wake up. Natalie suffers, caught between love and work, pride and misunderstandings.

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3.5 cheaters brought them together 4  4

The heroine is caught in a mess so beautifully constructed by her spoiled, immoral, irresponsible, and bratty younger model sister who just had to have an affair with a married man whose brother-in-law was not only his boss but a huge influence in the industry the heroine works in. Then she learns about the late appointment not given to her by her secretary to the big face. She's more than an hour late and after the unpleasantries, they get straight to business: the hero wants the bad sister off the modeling contract because she's sleeping with his adorable sister's not so faithful husband. The heroine is given two options of canceling the contract or the affair. The heroine says that she'll make the sister listen to her but she never has been able to and I say she needs to fire the sister. I love my siblings too but if they were acting like that and then it would be time to fire them. The heroine sees the sister and you need to read the preview in order to know how bad she is. I feel bad because the hero and heroine are dealing with two people who marking their lives harder, I mean the brother in law is a creep. However, the hero believes in the man and goes to the heroine give a "bribe" for "extra service". However, the heroine attitude changes the hero's perspective and they go out for dinner to talk business. The hero thinks he best thing is to keep the peace and hide the husband's infidelity from his sister. The bratty sister has a tantrum about the whole kicked off the contract and leaves. Then the hero gets blackmailed by the bratty sister to keep her in the contract or she tells the sweet sister about the affair. I really wish he had made promises on if she did then she would never have another modeling gig. However, he learns interesting information about the heroine being related to the bratty sister and confronts the heroine. She has him realize that they're both in the same position and it garners an understanding between the two. Afterwards, the heroine runs into the hero and the sweet sister. The hero and heroine go to the heroine's flat and almost share a night together but the her wants to specialize it by doing it on the weekend. After a special night, the heroine figures out they should have the sister do the modeling gig and it believes it's perfect for the woman to break away from being just a wife. However, the whole thing catches the bratty sister's ear and makes her identity known to the sister. When the heroine comes back and hears from the bratty sister what she did, she slaps the sister's face and tells her to get out. She doesn't tell the hero because she's so ashamed but when he finds out the hard way, crud hits the fan. It ends really terribly and when the heroine is home, she finds the adorable sister at the door. The sister reveals that she found out her husband didn't love her but the status and money her brother had after they were married but only put up with it because she thought the brother didn't want them to get divorced. The heroine tells her it's the opposite and advises her to sit and talk with the hero. The two have a private discussion and they head back. Later that night, the hero tells the heroine that nice sister is leaving the bad husband who's going to the States with the mean sister. The hero asks for the heroine's forgiveness for all the cruel things he said and did. He admits his love for the heroine and the heroine tells the hero that she loves him too. In the end, the heroine and hero marry and expect a baby on the way. The nice sister is getting great gigs and the bad sister and the bad now ex-husband are married.

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Great story 5  5

This is one of my best 10! The story started with a roller coaster misunderstanding. the depth of the story is there! I love how the mc tried to help even she was accused heavily on things she doesn't do. i kinda angry that the hero did bitch-slapped her(idk how to explain but it looked like slap-bitching). the main concern is why they don't communicate well and its the roots of the all problem there. great book btw, I reccomend it

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