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Aldona finds herself in a grave predicament while on vacation in Malta. Zeb, a young businessman, is fiercely drawn to this beautiful, reserved woman; however, Aldona is being threatened by a man who knows about her father's fraudulent activities. She has agreed to join him on vacation as his "lover" on the condition that he keep quiet about her father's wrongdoing. Aldona was shocked to discover her strict father had committed a crime, but was even more dismayed that she'd have to let herself be treated like a prostitute... And what's worse, she can't tell anyone about it—certainly not her beloved Zeb! "I can't sleep with him without telling him the truth first!" Aldona longs to confess, but continues to keep silent, causing Zeb to misunderstand and build up a tremendous rage, unlike any Aldona has ever witnessed. Was his anger the result of true love?

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where did sensibility die in this comic? 2  2

This girl, OHHHHHHH...........this girl had no brains at all!! I mean, I am trying to be understanding as person who loves their parent and would do whatever they can in order to help but she really should have gone to her father and tell him what's been going on. Then he would have told her the truth that she was being framed by an ex and the bad guy. Plus, I don't know why she couldn't tell the hero about her predicament. I mean, he held a lot of hate for the bad guy being his stepfather and cheating on his mother. And even before that tidbit of familial relations came up for the heroine to see that the hero wanted to do what he could to stop the bad guy. She could have done the old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," work together with this guy to bring him down but NOOOOOO! She just keeps piling up the lies in order to keep him off her tail and no finding out the truth. Then there's the hero who I wish had just a bit more imagination. He's been trying to find evidence in order help his mother divorce the bad guy and the heroine turns out to be it. He pays the bad guy the money the heroine owes him but here is where his imagination is lacking. They meet again with the heroine having to be with the bad guy again: theory 1, she is a materialistic greedy gold digger. That theory was disapproved when he saw her house and the inside of her closet but he never stops to thinks that she's being blackmailed. In fact, I don't even know how these two fell in love in the first place. It was just a pain for me.

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is she for real? 2  2

The heck? details girl. If only she asked and confirmed it with her father all of that nonsense and stress didn't have to happen. she almost became a mistress con prostitute in one she had so many chances to ask but never bothered. Dumb heroine.

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