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The Countess Lia is hosting a gorgeous charity gala. Among the generous bids of all the celebrities, Roark, a multimillionaire, makes a scene and embraces her. “It’s almost as if they’re trying to buy you at an auction. But I’m the one who’s going to win the right to take you to bed,” he says, offering her a million dollars. Lia allows him to take her to the middle of the dance floor, and suddenly he steals a lustful kiss against her will. The passion nearly drowns her. But what will happen when she hears that he’s the man who indirectly caused the deaths of her father and younger sister?

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it should've titled the weak and the selfish man lol 1  1

I still wonder why I bought this book fgs. Like erin said, the heroine is so weak, dubious consent when it comes to sex and he loved him that fast? ya ok, the most common setting on the hq novel, I;m so done. it was stated the girl said "why am I so weak?" yeah more like you cannot do anything even the count's mansion got burned down LMFAO I need to warn the buyers that you need to check the artist before decide to buy the book. I've read this artist book in the past and yeah, overall it's all about tragic heroine and miserable life she get. the ending was rushed. not satisfied, no wonder it's on sale rack pfft.........sigh, maybe the novel will make me better.

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and that is why kids you should never slept with a stranger! at least ask for their name lol. jk 4  4

Where do I start. The art is beautiful. The 'romantic scenes are quite gratuitious". Ok now thats over I have a couple of issues for this. First off, shes been keeping herself pure for the past 24 years then a dominating man complete opposite of the kind gentle count comes in, kisses her in public then forces and takes her practically dishonouring her in the garden of her kind deceased Count and then she finds out who this sexy bstrd is. Yep, kinda the guy responsible for her father's ruin and everything else thats sad about her past. Oh and not even worrying about plan b after knowing they both didnt use protection. She gets pregnant. Guy finds out shes engaged.. storms yet another wedding, forces and takes her inside a closet this time. Then offers to have her as mistress. Yeah I dont really know why this girl is so weak. She smells his testosterone and she forgets everything about common sense. I mean the guy is hot and all but come on.. Honestly, the guy just want her coz everyone wants her and its coz shes gorgeous. He was obsessed because shes like a goddess that has graced earth with her presence and a virgin to boot. Yeah typical man who always gets everything he wants because hes rich and gorgeous.

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