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Cat has been in love with her stepbrother, Luke, since she was little. Her love for him has never wavered. But Luke treats her like a child and doesn’t take her seriously as a woman. And yet, he is the only one she can love forever. Feeling at a loss, she tries a new approach. She enlists Luke to help her find the perfect husband, sure that if he looks hard enough, he’ll discover that he’s her man.

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okay 3  3

The heroine sells her home after her stepdad died to pursue her stepbrother. I wasn't big about it because she's literally sold it all to go and live close to the hero in order to get him to notice her like a woman and erase the image of them making out when she was seventeen then vomiting all over his shoes. The hero seems to have this subconscious of being attracted to the heroine but after years of seeing her as his sister, the vomit incident, and his promise to his father of caring for her. So, he goes with the whole "find a husband" for the heroine, having no idea that the heroine has already found one and has hatched a plan on how to nab him. His desire to take her in his arms becomes harder and harder to deny. Then the heroine decides to tell him the truth, she's in love with a man who has a lot of girlfriends. The hero has no idea that it's name and tells her to forget him. Then he thinks it's a close friend ( he knows about the heroine's plane for the hero) and when he confronts him, the two have a fight. The hero and heroine finally do it but the hero immediately regrets and asks her to forget what they did. When they spilt for the moment, the hero finally realizes he heroine was talking about him. They have a talk and then reveal their true feelings for each other. The hero asks the heroine to marry Las Vegas style and the end. It was alright for some parts.

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Operation: Make my step brother fall in love with me. 2  2

No... just no. It starts off with the female lead letting herself into her step brothers house and getting in his bed naked and waiting there... her step brother is a playboy... and she had decided to sell her house and move down there without any stable housing to impose on him and try to make him marry her... yeah... not for me. The guy is stupid the girl is irritating. Some people may enjoy this one, but it's one I didn't really like. The art was good though.

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