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Lily’s lover is the Italian millionaire Vito. He’s wonderful but always reminding her that their relationship has no future: he doesn’t care to marry and doesn’t want children. But then she accidentally gets pregnant… Shocked, Lily musters up the courage to tell him, only to be faced with the worst reaction ever. Without any explanation, Vito kicks her out of the house! Then, six weeks later, he appears before Lily with an arrogant proposition to marry him!

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why didn't he look at it? 3  3

I have to say that the hero was really, really blind. My reasons are this: 1) when the heroine tells the hero that she is two months pregnant, he gets angry, which is understandable because he has reason to believe that she is cheating since he is unable to have children. Yet, he goes overboard by throwing her out and not even telling her why. Let us not forget that it was the hero who deflowered our heroine. So, the heroine has no idea what went wrong and comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want kids. 2) 6 weeks has passed during their last interaction and he suddenly comes back into her life, demanding that she marry him. He exhorts the heroine to marry him over the fact that her baby won't suffer until the stigma of being illegitimate like she did. I love that the heroine is thinking of her baby but I also want her to think of herself. Now, I don't understand the hero in this setting because he believes the heroine to be an adulteress and leeches onto men, how did it never occur to him that she might have a high paying job. Plus, the hero doesn't "mention" to our heroine that the only reason that he's marrying the heroine is to use her child (yes, I'm saying her child) in order to make his bedridden grandfather happy. The heroine doesn't find out till halfway through the book. *This is a side note, after the hero leaves the heroine alone after their wedding with his grandfather who's bedridden I may add. The heroine learns from the grandfather about how horrible the hero's first wife was. For example, she doesn't share the hero's dreams of starting a family, was an extravagant spender, and wanted to divorce the hero. Yet, the hero didn't want to divorce till the results came in. This leads us to reason #3, the hero tells the heroine that the baby can't be his because he can't have children. How, after multiple attempts of having the baby, the hero got a fertility test. The results were faxed to the house and read by the horrible ex-wife, not by the fertility doctor. Now, we don't learn about a couple of facts till the end, the hero didn't actually see the results and the ex-wife tore up the fax letter in front of the hero. If the grandfather knew how badly the ex-wife wanted a divorce then the hero should have known and the possibility that she would more than likely lie in order for him to get those divorce papers signed. He knows this, but he never questions it till after the baby is born. All in all, I applaud the heroine for doing her best in that situation even though I never wanted her to be with the hero for all his blindness.

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