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One night Natasha is called and told her twin sister, Natalia, and Natalia’s boyfriend, Chase, have been involved in a car accident. Natasha rushes to the hospital to find that her sister has received little more than a scratch. Chase on the other hand is in serious condition. Natalia, who was only using Chase for his money and status, leaves him, believing he will be crippled for life. Not wanting Chase to be hurt any more than he already is, Natasha assumes her sister’s identity to continue the relationship. How far will Natasha go—and will Chase find out?

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I liked this one 3  3

At first I wasn't sure but I ended up liking this one. The girl was annoying. Her sister was a horrible so covering for her while he was still in the hospital was understandable but directly after he got better, before sleeping with him at least she should have set him straight. It wouldn't make any sense to pretend to be someone else in this instance since it would just be more painful for you thinking the person he really wanted was her sister. The guy was pretty annoying for a while. Since he was a real jerk. She was wrong for not telling him, but the way he treated her after that for so long was not right. I did like that they didn't go through the get out drama that happens a lot in harlequins. Still I think the biggest issue that made this story completely unbelievable to me is the fact that the guy didn't notice the difference between the 2 sisters. If both were sexually active with him... twin sisters or no they would have some pretty discernible differences. Still even with these issues it was a good read. I enjoyed it.

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Wouldnt hire these two as lawyers thats for sure.. 2  2

Ok story but if you consider the logic behind their actions and their rationale..youd think twice. First of all, to marry under false pretense and false identity is fraud and anyone even without a diploma in law would now it wont hold in court. For two lawyers who were portrayed as being among the best in their specialties, they seem to be stupid and not very realistic. She fell in love with a guy who dated her sister, she kept pretending to be her sister. She was tolerating her sister taking up her name. Her sister married using her name as well. Umm and she sees nothing wrong it that? Girl how exactly did you pass the bar exam?

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