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Betrayed and abandoned by every last person she’s ever trusted, Maggie Lewis rushes out into a rainstorm wearing a fancy dress and without so much as an umbrella. Utterly broken by the tragedy that is her life, Maggie aimlessly wanders down a dirt road consumed by despair and drenched by the rain. Then, as if she were in some grand fairy tale, a handsome prince emerges from behind two blinding headlights…

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the playing victim story 2  2

sigh, mc was easy woman, period. just by some sweet talkings and some flirting, BAM! got her and pregnant WOW. The weirdest moment was when they first met, it's raining yet the hero didn't get wet (surprise huh?) not even an umbrella (what a mannn) "why is my heart pounding?" because he didn't get wet since it was raining???? and her personality is all negative thoughts, and there's playing victim "nobody loves me" ok fine bye. there's so many ????? moment in this story(like the doesn't get wet as an example). the characters expression DEAR LORD, it's either dreamy/enchanted expression or the straight no smile no frown face. I JUST CAN'T. and the man's eyes was like dead fish eyes. sorry not sorry tho.

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Another poor me one 2  2

I can't stand it when the female lead plays the I'm so pitiful role. I know some people enjoy characters like that, if not, then there would not be so many of them out there in romance written for women. The poor me thing is at least understandable if there is a GOOD reason behind the assumption... I don't like it but it's understandable, still in cases like the female lead in this one where the girl is "oh I'm so lanky", "oh I'm so ugly", "oh he wouldn't care about me", "oh I'm not good enough.", "oh, I'm so pitiful" but there is no factual basis behind her claims, It drives me up the wall. In the real world a woman being like this would chase most men or even friends away because it's draining being around the eternal victim. The ones who remain around people like this are only people who wish to take advantage of their low self worth, those who wish to "save" someone to stroke their own egos or those who wish to take turns complaining about their horrible lot in life. Don't get me wrong, it's understandable to take an emotional blow by finding out you were used and deceived by a guy you put your faith in, but the oh woe as me act can get old really quick. Other than this issue though, the art was good and the story was well put together, so if you are someone who happens to enjoy the depressed heroine, then this one may be a good one for you. As for me, well. I don't think it was horrible but I probably won't read it again any time soon.

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