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Five years ago, Lisa and Rorke’s marriage soured before they even had a chance to call themselves newlyweds. Unable to face her family as her young marriage lay in ruin, Lisa fled St. Martin with her unborn son. For five years Lisa managed to hide from Rorke while she singlehandedly raised Robbie. But now Rorke’s found her and he’s as tyrannical as ever. He demands she return to St. Martin as his wife. When she refuses, he attempts to persuade her by offering to pretend that Robbie is his son. The audacity of this man—Robbie is his son!

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2.5 who to believe and gap 3  3

I really wasn't at all pleased with the gap in the book as well as the hero's behavior towards to the heroine. I mean, he was just a real pig. You can see in the first pages where she runs into a guy who's asking her for directions and she's kind enough to show him the way and give him a history lesson on the island. The hero sees all this and instead of being polite and asking nicely of who that man is; he grabs the heroine's arm and yanks her around yelling at her to let the maid do the directions and the clothes she wears suggests she's inviting a man to RAPE her!!! First things first: Where would the OM find a maid on a tropical island to give him directions when he's never been here before. Moving on to a tropical island where the weather is hot and sometimes humid, it makes sense for the heroine to wear shorts and a tank top. Then he forces a kiss on her and warns her not to be so forthcoming with strangers. This is all when they are just step-siblings and nothing more and I feel like grabbing that girl out of there. Nothing happens on after that but the heroine sees the hero with the OW but due to the parent's pushing them, they decide to marry. The heroine is over the moon but she's 16!! So, they decide to wait till she's twenty years old. However, the two are caught in a storm, hero hits head that has desire overpower reason and takes the heroine right there. It's also the concussion that causes him to lose that memory. Now, he's manipulated (wasn't hard to do) by the OW that the heroine's pregnancy by the OM from earlier and with no memory of their night, they have a huge fight and she runs off. The hero's theory of her marrying him was because she wanted to protect herself from being a single mom but if that were true then why has she been supporting herself and her boy for five years, not even touching the large amount of money she has access to with their shared bank account. By chance, the hero is able to track her down and forces her back to the island where the father happily welcomes her. Now, this is the gap because it's mentioned in the beginning that the heroine's mother is married to the hero's father and it seems at the beginning that she's alive but we don't see her for the rest of the book, begging the question of where is she. Now, after forcing her back, the hero forces her to play the part and says that he'll even pretend that the boy is his (He is his!). The man couldn't say ten nice to God if pressured to and he takes every opportunity to belittle and humiliate the heroine. Yet, he still seduces her to bed and the heroine lets him, I felt such disappointment there. The heroine and the hero run into the OW who latches herself like a leech on the hero, insults the heroine at every turn, and such. It takes the little boy who gets extremely hurt and in need of a blood transfusion to clear things up. How? Easy, the hero and the little boy share the extremely rare blood type and even though they had the OM, it didn't match up with the little boy's blood type. Now, the hero is thinking, "Was I wrong?" (Ya think????). Then another thing ticked me off: the OW leaves with vile words of taking the kid away and the heroine plans to leave with the kid but he doesn't want to leave the island. So, she comes up with the idea of leaving her son behind with the hero and the OW because he be in *good hands*???? I'm sorry but have she lost her mind??? The little boy may not want to leave the island but I bet he doesn't want to lose his mom who has always been a constant thing in his life. So, the hero gets into an accident and hits his head that miraculously helps him regain the memories that he lost on the yacht. The hero asks for the heroine's forgiveness, she gives it, and they start over. You know it's a nice ending, I just didn't like the whole context of the book.

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