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Pure Romance WIN, LOSE...OR WED!

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Cash around the Globe, a reality TV show sends contestants around the world to win a prize of one million dollars. Elementary school teacher Millie joins this popular TV show because she needs the prize money for her students and school. However, she discovers that her partner for the show is Jace, the man who dumped Millie on the season finale of The Groom, another reality show. Even though the two distrust one another and their own feelings, they pass several difficult tasks. The most dangerous thing in the show is definitely the gorgeous Jace...

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two shows to mend two hearts 4  4

The heroine is slower version of race around the world when she encounters the guy who jilted her on another tv show like the Bachelor. Personally, I know that she would be hurt but it's a tv show designed to bring out human desperation at its worst and best in the form of a countdown to romance. Not to mention, I can't count it as a romance since all the private stuff is televised. Yeah, he chose another woman in the end to marry and had her humiliated on national television. She makes a promise to never appear on tv but her school for disabled kids needs funds and this tv show gives a lot of money to the winner. So, she joins but is surprised to find the hero joining in and her partner for the race. I must admit, if I were the producer and found them applying for my show then I would have rigged the drawing to put them together for more views. The hero got his reasons for winning the money is because his family's business that he created to provide for his family is going under and he needs the prize to bring it out of the red. In fact, his family business is the excuse he used in order not to marry the heroine because he thought he couldn't protect or provide for her. However, seeing her persistence, smartness, and intuition has brought out old feelings. The heroine also learns more about the hero like dad abandoning the family, living in a trailer park, and later creating a company, so his mom and sisters could have jobs. She finally sees that the romance tv show didn't give her the chance to get to know the hero, just fantasize marrying him. Then we find out the hero only chose the other woman was because she is an entrepreneur for his family business. The two start to get close but the hero pulls away because he "can't" be with her. Then he's asked by a rival of redoing his choice and he says he would still stick with the first choice and the heroine hears it. He tries to run after her but he's stopped by the rival. Later on, the teams are given a choice of working together or individually. The heroine says team but everyone else says individuals. On the way, the heroine comes across an injured rival and goes to help them. The hero finds them but the heroine encourages him to go on ahead for his family. However, the hero comes down to help because he doesn't want to make the same mistake again. Once, they have semi-alone, the hero confesses his love and asks the heroine to marry him and she replies with a happy yes. It's a really good story with a good ending.

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Great story but rushed ending 4  4

I love this. They did a spin on a reality show like the ones I grew up watching. Loved that it started with how Jace broke Millie's heart and for the worst reason! And this next show they're on is even better because they get to know more about each other. If that first show was anything like the Bachelor and the only time they get to spend time with the guy/girl is on a date, I can understand how it's so heartbreaking for her. It felt like he was leading her on. So when he finally told her the reason why he didn't choose her...I just wanted to hit him! THEy starting along and then the "storm" comes and ruins everything. We don't see the confession until 3 pages till the end of the story... IT WAS DEFINITELY RUSHED! I suggest renting it for the one day, unless you can look past the rushed ending and enjoy the whole story.

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