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Years later, the Korean War is a distant memory for the parents hosting their children for a Christmas party. But when an old photograph rekindles those memories, they’re soon wrapped up in telling their children how they fell in love. As a nurse and a downed pilot, they’d found themselves on the run from the enemy—but the only thing that could snare them was true love.

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historic reality 5  5

This story is the ending of the trilogy of military family romance. We began of where it all started off with characters from No surrender and Return of the hero are celebrating their first family Christmas together in years. The story is how the parents met in Vietnam. This is where it becomes interesting because it's how two people met and bonded through war. The heroine is a nurse and the hero is the soldier in the Vietnam wars. The hero and heroine meet when the hero crashes his plane after being shot down by enemy fire in order to save the heroine's group. The heroine patches him up and I have to admit making bandages from the torn pieces of a parachute is quite resourceful. They bond over dealing with the reality of war and that it isn't something to be always be proud of. The hero is a bit macho, insisting that women shouldn't be on the battlefield but I didn't like that the heroine does stand up to him but on a different page. It was fun reading them support each other as they trekked through the Vietnam woodland in order to find allies. There are some bumps like kissing because the when the hero kisses the heroine, the heroine take it the wrong way because nurses are often looked upon as sex objects by soldiers. The hero doesn't think like that but the heroine doesn't listen. There was one flaw that I found in both characters at the same time that I liked but didn't liked. After coming close with a death encounter, the heroine asks the hero to make love to her and the hero goes along with it, not thinking for a moment of what would happen next. Then the heroine gets upset, saying that the hero took advantage of the situation: news flash; the heroine is the one who said to the hero, "Make love to me". I'm on the hero's side on this one. The couple are found by allies and over the course of time, they manage to meet up with each other again and again. The hero pursues the heroine and the heroine holds back by earlier events. However, their bond grows stronger as they help one another deal with the harsh consequences of war. Both qualities that the heroine and hero share is their stubbornness. I also like that there was a year separation, so both characters could get their feelings for one another sorted out. The ending was great. It's a book that you should definitely read.

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