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Twelve years ago Ben Dexter and Caroline Harvey engaged in a tumultuous teenage fling. When Ben disappeared, Caroline's hateful father told her that he’d paid him off to leave her forever. Now that Ben is back in Caroline's life to claim a piece of art, she finds herself conflicted. She once loved this man, but he left her simply for money…or did he? Caroline must face her past before she can move forward.

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no confrontation and gaps 3  3

The billionaire affair had a good plot, but it was missing the learning bit. Not the bit about where the hero and heroine learn that there were misunderstandings. It's more of spending time together without having to snap at the other person. The heroine is some sort of art auctioneer. She and the hero meet after a 12 year bitter reunion where the heroine believes that the hero left with the money that the father paid him with. The hero and heroine are spitting fire at each other. I did like that the heroine took the job like a professional. I found it interesting that we know the age of the hero because he was nineteen when they first met and present age is 31. The two meet in secret against the heroine's father's will and then the hero disappears. The father states it's because the he paid the hero to leave. The heroine doesn't believe him and the father states to go ask about a woman who recently had a baby. The heroine instead visits the home of the hero where his mother lives and asks. The mother isn't much help, she tells the heroine to leave the hero alone and the heroine goes to the woman, the woman says that it's his baby but doesn't say the hero's name. It would be obvious that the heroine asked if it was his baby using, " Is it blah blah's baby?" The heroine goes further to leave a letter to the hero with his mother. Here is what I couldn't understand, if the woman doesn't want you to have any contact with her son and you leave a piece of communication with her then chances are is that the hero isn't going to get the letter. I'm a bit surprised that the father didn't leave anything for his daughter but something for his mistress. The mistress wasn't bad at all, in fact, she tried to help both the father and the heroine. We learn that the father and heroine didn't have the best father and daughter relationship; in fact, the father was hiding an engagement from the heroine between her and another man. The father flaunted that info. in front of the hero but the heroine had no idea about the engagement and when she did, she shut it down. Later, the letter that the heroine sent was a good bye letter and the hero confronts her of why didn't she confront him himself. I do ask that question but she had no idea where he was. There is no spitting and fighting in present. Then the hero wants her to marry him? Really? Is this because you have held onto to a flame for too long or a piece of revenge? I felt that it wasn't right. We find out from the hero that he was in London, to meet a potential sponsor for his company and when he got back, he got the good bye letter as well as news of the heroine's "engagement". That makes it understandable of why he was so angry at her. Yet, it threw me on edge that the heroine didn't ask the hero then and there if he was the father of the OW's baby. Later on, the former mistress of the father tells the couple the reason why the father of the heroine mistreated the heroine was because he believed that the heroine was the cause of his wife's death and that she was going into the spitting image of her. The mistress did soften him up but it was too late because the heroine had grown prickly. I don't blame the heroine. Things start to look up for the couple. However, the heroine rejects the hero's marriage proposal and it's because of the OW and baby. The hero states that he never touched the OW and that it all comes down to trust. The hero leaves and later, the heroine actually starts to wonder if the hero was actually telling the truth and decides to confront the OW. However, she first sees the mistress and they see from the outside window; OW, her child, and the hero. The mistress goes on and on of how the man didn't marry, while looking and the hero. It totally makes it look like it's the hero who is the father to the heroine. The mistress never says the hero's name but the fact that she keeps staring at him give signals to the heroine that the hero is the father. The heroine is heartbroken. After that, we learn that the OW was paid by the father of the heroine to say that it was the hero who was the father. The heroine realizes too late that she's in love with the hero but he's left. She didn't confront her feelings or the people soon enough. The heroine works herself to collapse with the hero there to literally catch her. We learn that the father of the OW' baby was the guy that the father was trying to marry the heroine too. There was good plot, the heroine actually tried all she could to believe in the heroine but it felt more like a 3 1/2 star.

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