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Nicholas arrives at party with anything but fun on his mind, having been served divorce papers earlier in the day. When Danielle finds him more entertaining than the rest of the crowd, the two escape for a night of passion. But when he dismisses Danielle with a stack of money instead of breakfast in bed, she leaves in shame and anger and goes about her life full of resentment, unable to forget that night. Seven years later, Nicholas comes to her once again, paying for a different set of services. Will Danielle's pride be bought yet again?

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3.5 tears of a man 4  4

There is nothing worse for a young woman than losing your virginity to a man who throws a whole bunch of money at you for the "time spent". I don't blame the heroine for being ticked at the hero. Yet, I am proud of her professionalism who sticks with the word "NO". For the heroine, it had been seven years since that night and she has done quite well for an artist because being an artist with a stable income is quite a feat to overcome. The next thine they meet, the hero doesn't recognize her and he wants to paint a portrait of his latest mistress who would rather sleep with the hero than sit still for a hand painted portrait. I do like when the hero invites the heroine for dinner, she says no and stick with it. I do admit that the hero is persistent in chasing the heroine, making it obvious to his uppity snob of a mistress doesn't bode well for the heroine. Then the heroine decides to go on a couple of dates with the hero to get back at him.The U.S.O.M decides to take matters into her own hands by snooping around the heroine, finding a baby picture, which has the heroine scared. Then there is a nice scene of the hero and heroine sharing breakfast in the heroine's flat and it looks great. That is until the paparazzi print about the heroine's baby (courtesy of the U.S.O.M) , the poor heroine is distraught and the hero comes asking (not the alpha jerk) more of a kind and respectful person. He learns that the heroine's child died and we learn the obvious truth of the baby being the hero's from that night. It makes all the more obvious sense of why the heroine holds a grudge because to her, he wasn't there when she most needed him for their child. After their conversation, they finally do it and the heroine throws the same money he threw to her on him and leaves. He gets upset from the act and demands answers and he exclaims that he wants to marry her. The heroine opens up about the past and the hero is able to make the connection between the present and past. I did like seeing the regret & pain with the hero. We learn why the hero acted that night but it still doesn't excuse his actions (his 1st first wanted a divorce, blackmailed the hero by threatening to go to the paparazzi about his infertility). Now, taking a moment away from the hero and heroine. I have something to say about doctors and forging tests. Do any of these doctors ever think of how much they could lose if they forged test results? Their acts are breaking the law. They could lose their license, their job; making eight years of school, loans, and scrapped savings go down the drain. These doctors must complete idiots. Now, going back to the hero and heroine, we see the hero distraught leaves with the heroine going after him. There, we get to see the hero cry, which I was happy to see because it showed how much it affected him. The reconciliation was sweet but it would have even been sweeter if there was a child in the end.

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