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Emma March was a caregiver for rich businessman Valentino Fiorenza in his later years until his death. His son, Rafaele, believed the media rumors—he thinks that she was Valentino's mistress! When his will decrees that Emma and Rafaele may split his inheritance if they live together as a married couple for a year, Emma's capability to heal others will be tested... Can she heal the harm that Rafaele inflicted on himself from a lifetime of guilt?

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editor's comment - July 15th, 2016

Hero in this story has a pretty twisted personalities due to his childhood trauma. On the other hand, Heroine is nice and good patience to be able to take Hero nasty remarks without losing temper. This fake marriage with Heroine definitely changed him and make him a better man.

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The book's hero would be described as a hot potato because he was always either judging the herione harshly and or started giving her a bunch of passionate kisses and more. Not to mention hypocritical because even though he calls a the heroine rude things, he gives her things like his mother's dress and ring whom he holds in high regard for her bcause that way his "friends" will believe its real. Then he starts being compassionate till it comes to the issue of sex and he goes off about how it's all only sex and no love. There are parts of him that I don't blame because he lost his mother at a young age then his younger brother when they were playing cricket with those heavy balls. Then his father not wanting to look at or talk to him. Basically, he's throwing his anger and frustration from his life onto the heroine. I feel on edge with the heroine because she has her own reason for agreeing to the marriage, the money will be sent to her sister who protected her from their abusive parents so the sister and niece can get away from an abusive spouse to start a new life. What I found impossible is not telling the hero that she was a virgin, the hero may have not believed but she would have taken a stand against the hero's malicious words. Instead, she just takes it all. Then when the heroine gets news of the hero's "supposed fling" with an ex-girlfriend from tabloids then tells the hero that she wants a lover, which he says not and will make this marriage real. Then he becomes a hypocrite after that and having sex that they are having a temporary marriage. I thought a real marriage was till death do we part. The heroine gets pregnant, finds out, and doesn't say anything till after the sex (may be dangerous because we don't know how far along she is), and the hero finds the box. The hero comes up with the conclusion that the heroine planned all this. The argument justs goes south. Then like a magic puff of smoke: the whole heated argument dissipates. Then we meet the father's OW who is ticked over the fact, that the old man didn't marry her, didn't get the big slice of pie money, and decided to keep a heartfelt letter from the father to the hero. I must say that I was proud of the heroine for standing up against that nasty lady. Then the hero does something nice, with flowers as step one then give the heroine rights over a major share hold. The ending was cute with the kids and the backyard picnic but there just was so much accusation and no backbone. It felt unsatisfying.

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