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Everybody knows Gabe Dumont. He’s a gorgeous multi-millionaire and a tycoon who owns farms all over the place. One day, he proposes to Jessica, who lives next door to the house where he was born, but it’s not at all romantic. In exchange for him shouldering her debt, she agrees to a one-year sham marriage so he’s no longer single! It’s the only way to protect the land her late parents loved. Jessica decides to marry him, but it’s just the beginning of a very dangerous, very hot romance!

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Why did I rent this?! 1  1

As Howard Wolowitz would say, "01101110 01101111!" Times that by ten and I was really writhing by the context. If you wanted a bad romance with a huge cup of overdone soap opera then this is it. I wish I hadn't spent 99 cents to rent this. We have the heroine whose fiancee jilted her for another girl but she dodged a bullet there since he treats the girl so crummy ( even though the girl is pregnant with his child). For crying' in the night, the heroine was comforting her. Now, the heroine is backed into a corner and has to marry the hero who's only marrying in order to help her but he seems to do little to say anything nice. In fact, it takes his fairy godmother of a sister to do up the heroine's makeup right and tells the ex-fiancee who shows up like a bad rash at every turn to shove off *in a not so pleasant tone*. Despite that, she knows about her brother's idiotic plan, I mean it was really idiotic. The hero is two decades older than the heroine and is marrying her in order to give her money to save the family farm because she might be his daughter!!! WHAT????!!! Apparently, the hero in the pit of depression raped the heroine's mother who was one of the very few people like her husband who showed his kindness. Now, he decides to atone by marrying the girl, so she can get his money instead of going through probably the adoption process or putting her in his will with the note for all the town to gossip that he did since her parents were kind to him. In fact, it's not till the end that he goes through the whole DNA verification but he's already done it with her and I was just sick. In the end, it's discovered the heroine isn't his daughter and she throws herself into his arms. I wanted to be in the movie, "Back to the Future," in order to go back and tell my past self that Casandra's review was right on the money and use that money for something better like McDonald's small cup of coffee.

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ok... 4  4

Ok.. if you're looking for the typical harlequin story this is not gonna be your cup of tea. I mean after reading the whole story, I can 100% say that certain events and misunderstandings are pretty eff up. But ones the dust had cleared I can honestly say this story is very interesting. You might feel slightly grossed out but if you get pass that one certain event that took place. You'll see that it's actually a pretty good story. If I would categorize this as a manga this is differently a Josei manga. It's a dark, romantic drama I guess. But page after page I would be on the edge of my sit and I just keep on wanting more. I truly suggest, you give this story a chance and see for yourself to understand that this is something worthy to read. Again it's a story where you'll either like it or not.

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wow that was twisted... not at all what I'd expect from a harlequin. 1  1

depressed rapist contract marries and then sleeps with his potential daughter right after she was nearly raped by her ex fiance who got married to another woman instead of her and got his new wife pregnant even though he didn't give a crap about her or the baby Let's go ahead and top it off with the male lead get's his potential daughter pregnant in one shot.... ewww... NOOOO!!!! Please say this is some sort of nightmare. I think the editor who allowed this to be published as a harlequin needs some help. This manga reminds me of Masca. Great art... horrible messed up characters and story. I won't be reading this again and I would only suggest it to people who enjoy really heavily depressing and messed up stories. So in the end it turns out that the male lead was not actually her father saving us from an extra layer of disgusting that we thought was there until the last pages. Still the damage was done.

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