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Karen awakes to a gentle voice calling her name…and finds herself not in her flat in London, but in an unfamiliar, sun-drenched room with a handsome man by her bedside, looking at her with worry in his eyes. When Karen haltingly asks, “Who are you…?” the man is speechless for a moment…until he answers, “I’m your husband.” But he can’t be! Karen is unmarried… But it seems she’s lost her memory in a car accident and can’t deny his claims for long. Somehow, she must learn what has happened to her since she moved to Brazil three months ago…

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six months is a lot of time 3  3

The heroine wakes up amnesic to the last six months of her life. She finds herself married to a hunky Brazilian Ranch owner but is also accused of running off with one of his ranch hands. The heroine is shocked by the whole thing and I would be too to wake up in a hospital to find myself married and accused of adultery. Now, the hero is comforting on and takes her back. The only one who knows what happened is the hero's sister-in-law because she is the one who told him (I wonder what else she said). Now, the heroine is welcomed by with warm arms of the hero's sister and brother as well as some of the staff. Now, the heroine is trying to figure out her life currently and past as to what would push her to have an affair with a man. She has to deal with the sister-in-law's barbed insults who she has mostly handled well then there's the hero who gets angry with the heroine for speaking to other men where she has had to meet other men in order to (figure out what happened in the past and push the playboy's away from her 18 year sister in law). It's also during this time that the hero and heroine fall back into a relationship even with the heroine's insistence and the hero's resistance on discussing what happened that day she left. Finally, the nasty sister-in-law decides to give her a picture of a woman and a little boy who according to the woman's words are the hero's mistress and son. It's right there that the heroine's memories come back. Apparently, this wasn't the first time someone showed her the picture with the same claims. It was the hero's mother who didn't like the heroine because she didn't pick the heroine. Now, with all these claims, her miscarriage, and thoughts of the another woman in the hero's arms pushed the heroine to leave. It was all a plan by the nasty sister in law who sent a real playboy ranch hand to go with the heroine but she separated from him because of his nasty behavior. When she was trying to find a taxi to an international airport, she got into the crash that caused her amnesia. After a while, the hero and heroine have a fight, the heroine reveals she got her memory back, and shouts at the hero of why didn't he loo at his credit card statement to see she had only bought one ticket as well as his other family. The hero reveals that the woman and child are his brother's family but the brother died in an accident before he could take responsibility. So, the hero took it upon himself to take care of them and states that both mother and sister-in-law lied. With the truth out in the open and the confession of love in the air, our main couple move forward in their married life. In the end, the nasty-in-law was forced off the ranch within an hour and later was divorced from the hero's other brother. Both the nephew's mother and nice sister were married and the hero is still punishing the mother with no visits. Plus. the hero and heroine have been blessed with three kids.

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