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"You have four weeks to make a wedding dress." Rising-star fashion designer Sapphire is all but conscripted by Sheikh Khalid, ruler of the desert kingdom of Jebbai. Khalid practically abducts Sapphire to his kingdom, leaving her lover, Paulo, behind. Once in Jebbai, Sapphire faces strange obstacles—not only is she denied a fitting session with the bride-to-be, she isn't even allowed to see her! Sapphire soon learns the truth: Khalid plans to marry her to settle an old score with Paulo!

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ridiculous ripples of revenge 3  3

For me, this book could have been way better. The first thing that disturbs me is the heroine and the OM's relationship. They have been dating for a while, but their relationship of long distance is on the rocks because whenever the OM hears the word, "marriage", (posted by the paparazzi) he shuts the heroine out. Then when he finds out that the hero wants the heroine to come to his country to make a wedding dress, he calls the hero a ruthless man and orders the heroine to not go. The fact that he does all this and doesn't tell the heroine why, leaves suspicion. If he truly loved her then he would tell her because he trusts her. The next thing that bugged me was the heroine's state of fashion when she first arrives in the desert. She is wearing a skimpy dress, while many other woman are dressed from head to toe. To me, it feels like this international designer didn't do enough research on the country. After that the heroine finds out that the hero tricked her and the "bride" is the heroine. Now in this situation, I would have done anything to get to my country's embassy because forcing a woman to marry a man is just plain wrong. His reason: the OM married a woman that he was supposed to marry that was part of an alliance between him and a huge businessman from England. So, basically, she's the pawn and property in a revenge plot; what a way to make a woman special. The heroine calls the hero and finds out it's true. In this situation, I would have shut everybody out because the heroine has just been lied to by two men, 1) the client & 2) the "boyfriend". However, the heroine goes wild with the hero and agrees to marry the hero till she finds a letter from the OM that tells her the reason. The OM married the woman from the first business deal to keep her from being forced to marry the hero as a way to protect his friend. Shocked by this, the heroine rejects the hero. Now, you're wondering why the woman from the first business deal didn't just say no. Well, here is what the note failed to mention that you find out in the 2nd book: the woman from the first business deal was 17 years old when the deal was made and the father was forcing her. Now, here is the cake of the whole thing: the hero isn't out for revenge for losing the girl. He's out for revenge for the OM killing his parents. Apparently, after the OM and woman eloped, the hero's parents were so humiliated that they went to a cabin in the mountains, where an avalanche kills them. I understand, in grief, a person will blame whoever they have deem responsible. However, the hero shouldn't have known that the OM was never responsible. It just felt all ridiculous of how this revenge was that I found little pleasure in reading this book.

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