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"You protected me, even if it meant making an enemy of the world." Seventeen-year-old Helene finds herself facing a forced marriage to a Middle-Eastern Sheikh. Italian lawyer Paulo saved her from that fate, agreeing to marry her until the Sheikh found a new object of desire. Paulo's sexy voice with a lilting accent, his passionate and sincere personality... Helene fell for him at first sight. But she was unaware of her impact on Paulo's destiny. That is, until she learned that the Sheikh stole Paulo's lover and made her his wife...

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2.5 ridiculous ripples of revenge 2 3  3

I know that I read the review from below, however, after reading the first one, I had to read the second one in order to get the whole picture. And guess what? It's still ridiculous. So, the OM becomes the hero and the woman from the marriage deal becomes the heroine. So, in a background check, the heroine and hero got married at the age of 17 and 20 in order to keep the heroine from being forced into marriage by her father by a sheikh that he has never met. Now, eight years have passed and the hero brings the news that the two of them can divorce because the sheikh has married......hero's girlfriend. Now this is what struck me, I got more empathy emotion about the ex-girlfriend from the heroine than that I got from the hero. Besides, why does he act so sad; the first novel, he didn't show that he was in love her, maybe held a relationship of friendship but not a lover. This empathy leads to a chain of events into the bed. Now, we have the stupid words from the hero,"We're about to get divorced. You getting pregnant could be the worst thing that could happen,". Wow.........just wow. And the hero wonders why the heroine leaves him in the morning. Not only that, but he seems to forget that he even said those words. Next, the heroine is pregnant and the hero goes after her. After the whole revelation of the pregnancy, the hero wants the heroine to quit her huge job at a high end company that she got by her own skills and smarts. I think that one of the few things that I liked is the hero's family being so welcoming and kind to the heroine and making the hero look more human. Then for the next 30 pages, it's going back and forth between the two that is just tiring and dull. Again, I found no pleasure in this book too.

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it was ok, but i was expecting it to be better 3  3

I've read both books in the series and i have to say that this was a bit disappointing. It didn't have that excitement i felt for Sapphire and Khaled. Maybe it was because in their story there was no kidnapping and forcing her to be his. Instead they got married so she wouldn't get into a marriage with a man she had no romantic feelings for. They were in love with the other but didn't voice it until their fake marriage of 8 years ended. They didn't even try to get together during that time as friends. Or at least it didn't mention them getting together. And he was dating someone else... it was just too much. 8 YEARS of unrequited love that turned out to be like the ending of Phineas and Ferb. (The 10-years later episode about Isabella and Phineas). That's right! I'm talking about the Disney show. It's cute and all but, what a waste of years that could have been romantic. Instead they were living separate lives and always worrying that the other did not love them. All because they could be honest with each other. I suggest reading the book, maybe it's better than this version. If you really want to read this, that's your choice.

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