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Polly, who works for a TV production company, invites the prince of Amla to a party, hoping to get a permit from him to film a program in his desert country. Sheikh Rashid is tall, handsome and far too manly. Polly approaches this imposing man, and even though it’s her first time conversing with him, he immediately shows hostility toward her. Just when she’s ready to give up, he surprises her by inviting her and her crew to his kingdom.

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new job: a film director 4  4

When the hero and heroine first meet, the hero wants to take revenge for the heroine's step-brother of selling him a horse that couldn't breed for 5 million pounds. Geez, I would be ticked off as well. The heroine wants permission from the hero to film a documentary on an english woman who was one of the wives to the hero's ancestor. The hero isn't positive about the filming because the last time people from the west came to film, they made the hero's country look like a horrible country. He does allow the filming in the end. I liked how the sister of the hero is a polite and welcoming woman to the heroine and her crew. The hero and the heroine seem find but little interaction from what I like. I like the heroine for trying to learn and know the arabian language. There are so many heroine who don't know the words to the language of the hero's country. I also liked that they didn't have sex in the book. I know that to many people, having sex is a big thing, but I like how they spent time together not in bed but by talking, learning about each other and the biggest thing: communicating. I commend the hero on his resistance towards the heroine. However, it felt like halfway into the book, the author had to rush into the ending. This is because the king dies and apparently, the heroine and her crew must leave and the heroine rushed off to tell the hero that she loves him. This is only after actually spending time with him for a few days. To me, it's a bit much. Then the hero confesses that he was going after the home of the heroine, which is also the stepbrother's home because of the scam that the stepbrother pulled on the hero. The heroine pull away and leaves him. I did like that there was some time spent from each other (eight weeks). The hero comes in and gives the deed of the mansion to the heroine. I do like the confession made by the hero. It was a nice book to read.

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