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Caroline finds herself at the mercy of the dry, quiet Dr. Radinck, but the nurse ends up taking care of more than just his practice! When she found herself out of a job, the famed immunologist recruited her to be both his new nurse…and his new wife! Can Caroline heal the scars on his heart, or will she just be a temporary bandage on his troubled life?

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please read the book instead! 1  1

Betty Neels and this story is one of my favorites books. This comic however is a disappointment. It doesn't give the same tender feelings, or even quite the same story as the book did. I understand the need for changes but it was too many. The artwork is nice but the adaptation just went wrong. Betty Neels wrote sweet novels that tug at your heartstrings and make you believe in true love. This comic just made me confused.

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animal, really? 4  4

I'm not one against using the association of people with animals like woman can be a snake or a man a dog. Yet, the hero of the story uses animal associations on the heroine too many times. It starts off when the hero and the hero meet through a bike accident. The hero heals the heroine. I did like that the hero's job was a immunology instead of the typical surgeon. That would mean that the heroine's job is a nurse. The hero comes off as a cold skinned intellect who believes intellect. It's so silly, I don't mind the brain of the intellect but 80% percent of what the man says sounds like it either came out of a textbook or an mobile radio. The heroine acts so polite even when the hero is rude in their first conversation. The hero says that he isn't pretty then she compares her to a donkey. He doesn't even apologize. I did like that the servants were kind and open to the heroine. We learn that the hero's wife left him for a lot of reason from not fitting her way of life, to the wife cheating on him. It would make sense of why a person would shut himself off when someone he loved betrayed him in such a harsh way. I love the heroine's persistence in helping others and trying to do something as a way or repaying the hero for his kindness. The hero does say some insensitive things but I wonder if it's because he doesn't have good communication with other people. It's seen when he looks guilty after saying a rude thing to the heroine when she tried to help him. There was one scene that was hard was when the heroine confronted him on him not being happy and the hero says that if he does something for her, then will she will be satisfied. The way that it sounded made the heroine uncomfortable and stop from pushing further. I did like the scene where the hero saves the heroine and a pregnant from a perverted creep. It was sweet. The hero takes the donkey home, saying that he was going to buy a donkey anyway. Kind of interesting that he called the heroine his wife. It made me laugh because he reminded me of a kid. The heroine goes back to her job in London but gets fired because someone under her charge added the wrong amount of medicine to a patient that nearly killed him. Just as the heroine is trying to figure out what to do, the hero comes in with a proposition: marry him. In order for the heroine to have a job as a nurse in his clinic, she has to marry him. What cucunanna is he talking about? To me, that considered extortion. He does say, "Can you be my wife?" but really?! Then for some sort of abnormal phenomena the heroine agrees. The wedding goes off terrible, the hero tells heroine not to trip and look like a flying squirrel. The guests treat the heroine horribly because she has the background of an orphanage. The jerks, even when the heroine offers the relatives (the aunt of the hero) some complimentary cookies (veggie) that she made by herself. The nasty lady says right to the heroine's face that she'll feed them to her dog. Its only after the heroine publicly tells the nasty lady that she loves the hero that the hero steps in. I did like that the hero wanted to taste some of the cookies. The hero is starting to earn brownie points from me. However, he lost them when the servants show their appreciation for the couple by baking them a wedding cake and giving them their blessing and the hero responds that he's going to bed and privately to the heroine that he's sleeping in a separate room. After, that things seem to go well between the hero and heroine but it more like a friendly co-workers. I did find it funny that the heroine wanted a worm (the hero) and the hero didn't get it. I also liked that instead of moping around, the heroine makes an effort to learn the things that the hero likes, for example horseback riding. She enlists the help of the stablehand and when she tries to get up on the horse, she falls off only to have the stablehand catch. Of course, the hero only catches the the two of them in each other's arms. The heroine is then compared to a horse, this is the third animal. The hero makes some snarky comments on the heroine and the stablehand. This is where I like the hero because she has the backbone to confront the hero for his baseless accusations. We can tell that the hero feels guilty but the stupid fool says the wrong thing," I just wanted to let you know how it'll appear to others,". That is the very wrong thing to say. The heroine leaves with the last word and its good that we see the thoughts from the hero on this discussion. The hero wants to open up to her but the ex-wife's words haunt and stop him from doing so. Then we see the relationship of the hero and the ex-wife and it makes sense. Here is what went wrong in the hero and ex-wife's relationship: the hero did what the heroine wanted for their marriage, not what the hero wanted for their marriage. To explain it more simply, it sounded as if the hero and the ex-wife had the relationship of being Genie and Aladdin. The Genie fulfilled the wishes of Aladdin because Aladdin told him not because the Genie wanted to do it for himself to make Aladdin happy. Plus, it seems that the hero wasn't good with openly expressing his feelings with his ex-wife and some people would take that he was cold with her. I did find it fulfilling and giving brownie points to both hero and heroine for helping the donkey give birth. This helps things progress smoothly because the hero invites the heroine for a ride, telling her that he will teach her riding lessons. Good step: doing something on your own for the person you care without having them ask you. Next: the hero names the new baby donkey after the heroine. Not long after that the hero calls the heroine a bird. That is the fourth animal. Things start to get a little hot when they're at the vacation home because the hero needed medical attention when getting hurt. The heroine panics and starts to run to get a doctor but the hero grabs her and kisses her hotly. One would think that finally something is happening but the hero says" Calm down, You should know better if you're a nurse,". I'm not the nurse and even I interpreted it the way the heroine did a a method to only calm her down and not because he wanted to. If only he added in "it's okay", then the meaning would of those sentences would have been differently. The heroine takes the interpretation the wrong way and acts coldly to the hero. The hero thinks that the heroine didn't want him to kiss her. I felt like slapping my head because it's so obvious to see that the two of them are in love with each other. The hero has to leave before the heroine's birthday but the heroine doesn't tell him only to come back early, which the hero responds that he doesn't know. The hero comes back late. The heroine waits for him all dressed up and nice to tell him that she wants to make love and to talk it out. Personally, I'd rather do the second as a way not to waste time. the hero gets cold feet when the heroine welcomes him home saying that she'll make him a hot drink. The hero won't look at the heroine as she tries to confront him. I did like that the heroine makes him go out into the snow looking for her. I do admit that the hero was smart to bring along a blanket and flashlight. the hero finds the heroine in the barn and then there is talking. The hero finally says what he has been missing:doing what I want to do for you is the best way to show my love. Finally, the man gets it and as an extra bonus, he had a birthday gift ready. The ending was sweet, even when the hero compared the heroine to a flying squirrel. This story was hard to follow along but it opened up what a part of what love is about. One piece of love is doing something for someone you care about because you want to. Plus, it was human life. It was a good story.

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