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A temporary escape from her dreary life is all Sam Duncan wants—so when she finds a ticket to a posh New Year's Eve party in the trash, she jumps at the chance to make some beautiful memories! But she didn't count on meeting billionaire Mac McAlheny, and she certainly didn't count on losing her job. Luckily Mac comes to the rescue and offers Sam a job taking care of his son, Tommy—and Sam can't help but wonder if she might become something more than a nanny…

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Cute son brings the story together nicely 4  4

Loved it... but I'm with JAB the person who commented below. The heroine does feel like she's trying to run from everything. She's lucky she met someone so willing to throw away a 500 dollar ticket in the garbage and donate a couple million dollars willy nilly. It seems he's more likely a trust fund baby than a successful businessman. Of course he did say that it was his late wife that made the company work so well. The art was really good and the male main character had a cute son. Honestly the son was what brought the story together so well. I liked him the most but the male lead also had quite a bit of charm despite his blase attitude toward money. The lead female also had her good parts to her. So overall, even with it's faults this still felt like a 'feel good' story and I enjoyed it a lot.

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heroine a bit of a run away 4  4

The heroine feels like a bit of a runner. The stores starts off her meeting the hero at a party with a ticket that she found in the trash can. The hero and heroine spilt for a moment, this causes the heroine to run from the hero who looks her up and that gets her fired from one of her jobs. The heroine is all in a huff about what the hero did and when she sees him again, she gives him a piece of her mind, privately, of course. The hero decides to help her by giving her a second job: babysitting his little boy. His wife dead, just so you know. I love the little boy, he is so sweet and adorable. I did like that the heroine is taking her job very seriously. However, the chemistry between the two seems to be developing really slow. I love how the heroine handles a tough situation with the little boy, using Dr. Seuss. I was a little bit discouraged that when the heroine came to the mansion to find that a water pipe had broken, the day time babysitter was all frantic but didn't know where the kid was. That's not seen as a good sign. Then here is where it gets a little weird, the heroine suggests that the hero and his son stay at her son in for the little boy's sake but she fails to realize that she is just invited the man that she has been trying to avoid falling for into her house to stay for a couple of days. When the sister of the heroine makes a comment of how the hero and the heroine look like the a married couple, the heroine runs away again because she thinks that she can't compete with the dead wife. Well, that's true, nobody can replace a dead love in another person's heart but that doesn't mean that you can't make a new for yourself in that person's heart. Then the hero tries to says something but the heroine run aways again with her words. Things go fine till the heroine and her sister have a heartfelt conversation, which inspires the heroine to follow her dream that she gave up once: becoming a park ranger. The heroine finds a woman who will take her place but she failed to bring up the idea of someone replacing her to her boss/hero, not only that, she forgot to think that the little boy won't take it so well of her leaving. The hero and the heroine have a talk and the hero confesses his love for the heroine and the heroine......oh, the heroine! She said that her dream is out west. I give some major brownie points to the hero for letting her go. It was so hard to watch the heroine and the little boy part. Then the heroine goes and finds out that there's not much for her to do unless she got a degree to become a park ranger. Then the hero comes for her and things become sweet. I did like the plot line but the heroine was such a runner.

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