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These past two years have been exceptionally hard on Annabel. Try as she might, she’s been unable to overcome the heartbreak of her first love. Ready to start anew in some place far away from all the leftover traces of her ex, Annabel jumps at the opportunity to become a governess in Barbados. Unfortunately, fate has a cruel sense of humor. Her new employer is none other than Hugh Grey…the man who broke her heart.

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Sorry but this is definitely not for me 1  1

I didn't like either of the leads in this manga. At all. The lead male can't keep it in his pants... and has excuses for everything that are also most likely complete lies... the default lie for men who are married and messing around is my wife is too sick or my wife won't give me any... which 99.99% of the time is bull. Furthermore, even if it is true you now know that if you ever get sick the man will be out there looking for your replacement before you even die. So anyways, the male lead in this manga decided to make a spin on the old sick lie and instead make it, my wife was a junkie. Surely she may have been a junkie... but the male lead doesn't seem like the type to let that deter him. After all he knew so little about his wife before he married her, that he actually never noticed she was a junkie what exactly does that say about him? Furthermore, talking horribly about his dead wife to make another woman feel better deserves only scorn by any who hears it and the type of woman (the female lead) who feels good listening to a man belittle his past lover/wife deserves what she gets when she becomes the past lover/wife and he's talking about her badly. The lead female in this story was horrible. She did the whole willful misunderstandings thing but that wasn't even what bothered me this time. She's completely irrational and Hypocritical she slaps the male lead but then when the woman he was supposed to be dating at the time does the same thing she says 'What a a awful woman, hitting you like that.' the female lead must have forgot she was the 'awful woman' hitting him 30 or so pages before. I only picked a few of the many faults out to comment on, if I went though each problem with the characters and the story this review would be too long to read. The art is this manga's best attribute and it was done fairly well. The rest of it was bad though. I don't think I'll ever read this again.

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