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Cara Breedon, a secretary at an advertising firm, is given the task of securing the wealthy Wyatt McCauley for a charity event auctioning off eligible bachelors to the highest bidders. When she first meets the young computer magnate, Cara is convinced that Wyatt is nothing more than a playboy who has to have control over every situation. But sparks begin to fly when Cara finds herself spending a weekend in New Orleans with Wyatt, and she begins to see another side to this seeming playboy. Will Cara open her heart to Wyatt, or keep it closed off from this alluring bachelor forever?

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the facade of the playboy 4  4

The plot line begins with the heroine trying to encourage the hero to participate in her company's charity auction. The heroine goes so far as to ambush him touring his morning run because her boss made it clear that if she's unable to get the man to participate then she has no job. While, the hero flirts with the heroine, she has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with the playboy as he is seen in the magazines. Once, the hero hears the true reason of the heroine's persistence, he tells her boss that he will participate. Yet, when the bid for the auction is over and the names of the winners are announced; the heroine's name comes up as the winner for a date with the hero. This shocks both heroine and her boss, who it turns out was wanting to have the hero all to herself.The heroine is stuck between the rock and a hard place that if she refuses the date then it will look badly because the hero used his money as a way to get out of the auctioning and her company's image will suffer for it. I did like their date by walking around in the picturesque side of New Orleans. I do like the heroine's strong stance against the hero's shopping spree of dresses and the hero likes it too because she's different from the women that he's played around with. The yacht scene was very warm with the tears and hugs. Nevertheless, the obstacles pop out with media catching wind of the heroine's job and start asking questions of how could she afford to bid on him. The boss is so ticked that it was the heroine and not her that got the hero's date that she fires the heroine. It very south for the poor heroine who is trying to pay college fees for both siblings. I did like that the hero went right up to the heroine's doorstep to apologize and offer a job but I also understood why the heroine threw him off her porch. This is what I liked is her very obvious flaw: the inability to look past the hero's faults based on the title that she gave him and see that he was trying to make amends by shutting down the media on the situation, calling her boss to explain everything, and going to her house to apologize in person. It is strange that I said that I liked her flat but the reason I liked it was because it made her feel imperfect, feel more human to me. Luckily, the heroine is given an interview and a job position at a famous advertising company but finds that one of her next projects involves working with the hero closely at hand. The heroine starts to see the hero in a different light like how he's the male figure in his nephew's life and is a caring brother to his sister. She also sees that the hero suffers from a broken heart from his 13 month marriage with his ex-wife who cheated on him with his best friend. That is when we start to see past the playboy image lies a man who tries to dull the pain of betrayal with playing around multiple women. I like how the hero and heroine open up about their past with their failed romantic relationships like the heroine's determination to not rely on anybody comes from her ex-fiancee's words of relying too much on people. Now, this doesn't make any sense since he said during the her grief period of losing both parents and becoming the guardian of her younger siblings. That is just awful. Things seem to go well till the heroine figures out that the reason the company she currently works called her in was because of the hero. This sends the heroine into a rage and says horrible things to the hero. After the horrible spat, her boss tells her that the hero only sent a letter of recommendation and a portfolio of all the heroine's projects. The rest was them going over and deciding themselves to hire her. Then at the end, the hero sends her the same kind of gifts that were similar to the gifts she sent him when she was trying to get him to agree to the auction bid. I love the confession and the heartfelt apology from the heroine. It was really sweet but the reason I gave it four stars instead of five stars is because we never find out what was discussed between the hero and his ex-wife. All in all, it was a good book to read.

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