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Suddenly informed that she's a princess, Guilia can’t stop shaking with anxiety. She's taken to the Kingdom of Hellenia, where she immediately finds herself pursued for marriage by a political rival. On top of everything, Toby, a man she's always had feelings for, has just arrived in Hellenia. But she can't let him realize the love she has for him, because she’s convinced he only thinks of her as a little sister. The moment he arrives, however, he kisses her with undeniable passion! But if he gets close to her and appears to be a romantic rival, will his life be in danger? Guilia is shaken. How will she navigate her precarious new life as royalty?

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A bit long in waiting 4  4

This is quite romantic, except for the fact that the hero was waiting so long in proposing to the heroine. I understand that anorexia is a serious issue that people constantly fight and doctor makes statement that the heroine has made a 100% full recovery then cautions the hero not to make huge decisions like proposing marriage. I would suggest waiting but waiting ten years and dating other women during this time had me tilt my head to the side and say, "Why wait so long?". It only took the heroine's disappearance and reappearance for the hero to go running after her and finally say to the heroine of his love for her. The heroine is right now between a rock and a hard place because up until a couple of months of ago, she was an ballet teacher; now, she's a princess that has all of this power and responsibilities. She has gone from teaching an average of 26 kids of how to do the pirouette to directing and advertising charity programs, which have more than an hundred people working to make them a success. Then, let us not forget that the poor heroine is being harassed by nobleman old enough to be her father to marry him. One would think that she could just say no to being a princess and go back but her heart is too kind to leave the war weary people of her ancient homeland. Plus, the hero comes with his confession of love and the harassing nobleman sees such a spark. This provokes him to make the usual threats. So now, the heroine has to worry about the harasser's spies telling him of any development. I liked how we see both the hero and heroine's side of how they're both in love with each other but hold each other back in both past and present. I like how the hero doesn't give up on the heroine making the heroine believe that he truly and fully loves her. I liked the ending because they get together and the harasser gets booted in the royal way.

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