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Celibate Sara is enjoying her yacht vacation—at least until she runs into the last man on Earth she wanted to see! Guido is a businessman with a godlike body, and also happened to be Sara’s husband, if briefly. Ten years ago, their young marriage fell apart because of his family’s cruel treatment of her. Now that they’ve met again, Guido pressures her to be his mistress! While Sara is unhappy with the proposal, she resolves to let him have her body in order to protect her friends, who could end up in deep debt at Guido’s whim. Oh, but she’ll play the part of an experienced woman to the bitter end…

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revenge wasn't what the hero was thinking 4  4

To tell you the truth, I don't know what the hero was thinking when it came to the heroine. The two of them reunited after a horrible miscarriage and separation of ten years. The heroine wants nothing to do with the hero but the hero wants to have one more night and he goes all out. I mean he rents her friend's yacht to blackmail the heroine into having sex since they need the money with the friend's pregnancy. However, the heroine holds strong with the hero's constant and late night calling. It's only then that he backs her into a corner using her work as a contract. The heroine gives in and personally, I don't blame her because she was holding strong for so long and the fact that he was dangling the prosperity of the company she works failing. It is there that they have sex and we see from the hero's perspective that he justs wants her. Apparently, he missed her and he took it hard when his father told them that after he left for a business deal that the heroine blackmailed the family for money using her miscarriage as the key. The heroine, at first, tried to tell him the truth: the father and OW who was a family friend were horrible to her and the OW pushed her down a flight of stairs, causing her to miscarry the baby with the little brother who was always kind to the heroine to witness it. The hero denounces it and the heroine doesn't push because she knows he won't believe it. It's only when the issue of the quarter of a million dollars come up that the heroine says she was forced to take and the hero believes her. They set up to meet every weekend like a the mistress does. The hero's father (the #$%%) has to take surgery, leaving him in a state of fear. When he comes to see the father, he asks for the truth and the father finally reveals it since he's going into a life-threatening surgery. The young brother finally reveals everything of the family's treatment to the heroine ten years ago and how the heroine really miscarried. If that wasn't horrible enough, after witnessing the horrible event, the little brother told the father who told him to keep it a secret. I was disgusted with the father because he conspired in letting the woman who murdered his unborn grandchild get away. I'm sorry if that's how it sounds but really, he knew the truth but kept it hidden. Plus, even if the woman was horrible, it was still his grandchild. The hero is shocked and asks forgiveness from the heroine who brushes it off because the last thing she wants is to let the hero know how much it still hurts. He starts being the attentive man, even going to buy a house where they can spend some actual time together like grocery shopping and watching movies. It all goes well till the heroine finds out that she's pregnant and tells the hero who doesn't take the news so well. The heroine leaves and prepares to live her life for her child and herself but the hero stands at her doorstep with a bunch of flowers. The heroine only lets the hero in after some much needed persuasion. It's only there that we learn when the hero and heroine married, the hero had just become the CEO and literally traveling all over the world to keep their clientele happy and contracts still intact. This left him with little time to even converse with the heroine. The hero apologizes for what happened in the past and begs for another chance to be there for the heroine and their unborn baby and the heroine gives it to them. We fast forward about a year and three months later with the hero and heroine recently married with a four month old cute baby girl. The hero's father makes a small sorry to the heroine and it has a cute ending. In my opinion, the hero and heroine weren't ready for marriage nor knew how to keep it alive during their hard times because they just dived in. The hero should have spent time to see what was going on and the heroine should have been more firm. It was a nice read in the end.

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