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The man Alice saw when she opened the door made her gasp. On that unforgettable snowy night three years ago, she met a man who changed her life at the hotel where she took shelter. Alice had been in despair that night. Under normal circumstances, she never would have slept with a man she met in the lobby. After drowning in such richness the like of which she'd never tasted before, she disappeared without a word. She thought they would never meet again... But when they do, he looks down on her with clear disdain!

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The story was a little topsy turvy. In the beginning, the heroine and the hero have sex right after the heroine buried her husband. I'm not going to be a totally judgmental because I have never experienced that pain. They have sex for one night but the heroine leaves the man who she just had sex with in the morning without knowing his name or giving him her contacts. I can't blame her but if you have unprotected sex, then things are bound to pop up. I was even more surprised that three years later, the heroine is berating her younger sister for getting pregnant when she is just a college student. The sister does have some right because the girl is eighteen who is in a relationship, both emotional and physical with a CEO. A typical CEO would be in his late twenties to thirties, I'm surprised that the two of them didn't think with their heads on protection. I did give a few brownie points to the CEO for wanting to marry the sister. However, the brother of the CEO wants to meet them. He meets the heroine who is "surprised" to find that the brother is the hero. And here is the fun fact: he has been searching for her. The hero did get some brownie points from me in being angry with his brother and the fact that they didn't use PROTECTION. Then the hero asks what swayed the heroine to be with him that night but the heroine's baby cries for his mother, leaving the question unanswered. Then the silly younger sister reveals some information; they go to meet the hero and the sister remarks how the hero looks similar to the heroine's dead husband and that he died three years ago. The hero confronts the heroine quickly but in private, which I am happy for. That was a surprise for the hero. The hero feels used by the heroine and I don't blame him at all. It's not fair to feel no sympathy for the men who feel used by the women when we see that in so many harlequin novels. The next few scenes show the hero is still attracted to the heroine. There is a sense of irony and foreshadow in the book by what the hero say," No real man would want nothing to do with his child." If this doesn't make any suggestions pop up then go back to page one. I didn't like that the heroine judged too quickly on the hero based on his comment. She believes that he was thinking of children at their intimate time, so she doesn't need to feel guilty. Come on, that's a boatload of bologna and she's knows it. A man who makes that comment is a man who wants to be a good parent to his child. Leading on, the heroine and the hero go to the hospital because the heroine's little boy has fever, which turns out to be a viral flu. The nurse gives the hero another surprise: The boy is yours because of a heredity birthmark. The hero gets a shock but acts sweet towards the boy. It comes with the usual spat of why didn't you call and I didn't know your name. The heroine and the hero make some sound arguments, no yelling of course. I did like that the hero wants to find a comprise between the heroine on their child. I also like the cute scene between the hero and his child. Next is the heroine's turn for a surprise when they are discussing on yes marriage and no marriage, the hero hasn't been with any woman since the day they met. Yep, major brownie points for me. I did like the comment on the heroine makes, "There's no such thing as a perfect marriage, it takes hard work." The conversation goes well till the hero and the heroine have sex. They have sex, yet, nothing has been cleared on where they stand with not only their child but themselves. I camelslapped myself. Then another surprise comes; at a community gathering, the OW comes at the heroine and spouts venom on her about her husband cheating on her. Here comes the surprise for the audience: the heroine knew about the OW. The OW goes off in tears and I love the mother-in-law of the heroine's dead husband. She is so sweet because she knew that the little boy wasn't her dead's son's son but she loved him as her own grandchild. I found it funny that the mother-in-law could tell right off the bat of who the father was. A more funny turn events is the mother-in-law agreeing with the hero that they should get married. The hero and the heroine communicate and talk. Things go well until the hero gets a call from his brother on the sister's miscarriage. The hero said something to the brother within hearing range of the heroine that does not sound good. The hero and the heroine spend some time away until the heroine hears of another woman throwing herself at the hero. The hero and heroine meet again and things are patching up till the OW throws herself on him and the heroine hears some things that sound dirty. The hero finds out and goes to explain it. Surprise: the OW isn't the OW, she's someone who the hero saved by performing CPR, while she was submerged under water. That is why the girl worries so much for the hero. With everything cleared up, the ending goes pretty well.

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