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Seven years ago, Laura had a brief affair with Constantine Karantinos. Now he's getting married, but Laura has a surprise for him—their short time together resulted in a son, Alex. Constantine, now with the heir he needs, ends his engagement and insists Laura and Alex come to Greece. Laura agrees, but only as a servant in his house. While Laura works during the day, Constantine has other ideas for her at night. But can a man raised in a loveless family learn to truly care for Laura and their son?

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stop undermining your true worth, woman! 3  3

This woman was unbelievable, I mean I know that I'm getting ahead of explaining the plot but this really burned my beans. The heroine sees the hero on national tv who is going to officially announce his engagement to some super model. The heroine thinks, "I need to get to him quickly and tell them about the seven year old son he has, ". I am going to give the heroine some leeway on how she told the hero in front of all his guests and his almost fiancee, considering that when she first learned of her pregnancy, she tried calling and writing but it never went through. It is after the whole fiasco in the ballroom that I feel like slapping my right hand against the heroine: the hero wants the heroine to come to Greece and have his son spend some time bonding. The heroine only agrees if she can go there to work for him. This is after she rejects his marriage proposal, which I considered okay because she doesn't trust him. However, the idea of going to look work as a servant is demeaning to the heroine's true worth. Even the hero knows the heroine's true worth because he read her background; lost parents and supported her sister through college, raised a little, and ran her own business. How can that woman degrade that kind, lovable, and hardworking self of hers to a servant. Shoot, she doesn't even play the part very well when the hero, the son, and the hero's father sit down at the table to eat and she's serving them. How, is because when she scolds the little boy's eating manners. The hero and father don't say anything but it is obvious. As we go further into the plot, we see the same thing with the heroine demeaning herself and the hero being hot for sexual intercourse but cold for anything emotional like where his mother is. I didn't find the book entertaining.

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