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Grace is agitated. She became a widow as a young woman, and she sacrificed her future to bring up a child alone, but now her daughter is grown up and has left the nest, and a lonely life is awaits Grace. When she thinks about her lonely future, her heart feels as though it’s being choked with sorrow. Then she meets a dashing, handsome man who’s also intelligent. Grace is worried that she’d too old for a new romance, but her passion is about to overrule her logic.

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good build 4  4

I liked this story because it opens up that there's hope for those who are at the age of thirty and have no one to share that special connection. The heroine is in her early thirties, her baby has left to travel, and that leaves her with nothing to do. However, her 19 year old daughter has made an account for her on a dating website and she has a blind date in a couple of hours. The heroine is shocked and wants to cancel because she doesn't want to find someone since she already lost her husband, her soul mate as she calls him. In the end, she decides to go. The hero is looking for that special someone because his popularity as a famous writer has women chasing at him as a celebrity and not the man himself. That is why, he signed up at the same dating website under a false name. The two of them meet and while they have a great time, on one hand the heroine doesn't want anything to develop further. On the other hand, the hero feels a spark and wants to ignite it hotter. Now, this is what I like in the next few pages. The heroine takes the hero to a coffee shop where she's the barista. She tells him that she's also a widow with a nineteen year old daughter in order to scare him off but it doesn't. The hero has become more and more interested in her and I like how he pursues her. He goes to the coffee shop to see her and do his work as a writer. It keeps her interested and asking for advice from the other women on the dating website on how to deal with it. The heroine then learns of the hero's identity and is quick to judge but realizes after some fans find him and there's an unofficial book signing of why he went under a different name. I like that she apologized with an actual sorry. The heroine then comes under the possibility of losing both home and job, causing the hero to do something unexpected. He proposes marriage to the heroine, listing the pros of this new developed relationship between the two. After some quick thinking, the heroine agrees and they get married quick with the blessing of the daughter. This is where we hit a couple of roadblocks of the hero and heroine learning things about each other that they didn't know like how the hero sees the heroine likes helping others and how the heroine sees the hero's dedication to his work. They try to help each other, which I found to be sweet. Then the heroine becomes pregnant but I would call it a blind date baby since they are married and we hit one more snag in the happy ending. It was a really good book to read.

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Yaay! a manga that was unexpectedly great! 5  5

I really really enjoyed this one. It's about an older widow and a popular author. It really was unique and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved the female lead and the male lead both. The art was pretty good too. They were not their original ideal and their love was kinda clumsy but really cute. I want to read the novel for this one and I'd happily suggest it to other people.

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