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When innocent Gina Tessereck is finally able to escape from her controlling mother, she finds herself alone in a world she knows little about. And when her car is stolen with all her possessions in it, she's left helpless. She is saved by Dr. Nick Balfour, who offers her a room in his home in exchange for housekeeping. This is the chance Gina has dreamed of—to finally get close to a sexy gentleman!

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wow... that mother 3  3

The lead female's mother belongs in an insane asylum. WTH. Who really stole her car? I thought it was possible her mother was following her. But it looks like that wasn't really the case. Anyways, I enjoyed this one. I'm glad I read it.

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what a mother 5  5

I have read some real pieces of work about horrible mothers in Harlequin books but this mom makes the top ten. I mean she fakes a heart condition in order for her daughter to drop out of college to nurse her cancer-sick father and has her get a job, so she doesn't have to work. Not only does she use this fake heart condition on her daughter but also on influential people in the town to get what she wants, for example, she uses it on the family lawyer and the town's pastor. She also lies to them, saying that the daughter hung out with the wrong crowd, taking drugs and crap. That is a boat load of crap and that lady knows it. Let's not forget that when the heroine leaves the mom in order to go back to finish her college degree, her mother sues her in court in order to keep her away from the inheritance that her father left that was in fact a good amount of money left. So, she lies to her daughter and insults her body. This is where the hero and heroine get major brownie. The heroine after a certain period finds out from the doctor that her mother has been lying to her, so she quits work and leaves for college. I admired the heroine for saying enough and that leaving to make a new start. I love the hero for his chivalry on not only helping the heroine from pushing away a rude guy but giving her a place to stay. I like how the heroine tries to thank then hero by doing housework for him. I like that they both have issues in their lives: the hero's unknown future at losing his job and the heroine's fake mother. They work so well together and they help each other through everything. I also like for the hero's profession that he doesn't drive a fancy car but considering his age and since he had the hand me down car at 16, it doesn't seem like a bad idea to get a tune up. I also like seeing the perspective of both the hero and the heroine, it's such relief. I still couldn't believe that the lawyer and the pastor believed all that the heroine's mother said if they had looked a little deeper like meeting the professor's of the heroine or her co-workers, she wouldn't be anything that the mother described her as. That woman is still a pain, even on the phone. The daughter was right on the mother needing a psychiatrist. I like that they didn't have sex but bonded through spending time together. I really liked the hero when he handled the mother, when she broke into his house to lie on the couch in a fake weak look. It was beautiful, imaging in her surprise of his profession and what it could mean for her. I loved that part. I love the ending it was a great story to read.

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