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Travel agent Kerry is flabbergasted by the man who’s walked into the agency where she works. He’s Theo Diakos, a Greek real- estate mogul. Fourteen months ago, he threw her away like a piece of trash, so what could he possibly want with her now? When she asks him as much, shuddering with rage, Theo gives her one hell of an answer: he requires her assistance, and he’s here to take her back to Greece. Kerry’s angry, but relieved—this means he hasn’t learned her secret. The next day, she finds herself caving to his demand and flying to Athens… after leaving her secret—their baby boy—in the hands of a relative!

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both have fault 5  5

This story I liked because there was some fault not only in the hero but also in the heroine. The heroine finds out that she's pregnant and before she goes to tell the hero the good news, she overhears him saying that he's going to separate his brother's wife from her child. This freaks the heroine out who warns the wife, who causes an accident, which blows up a scandal. The hero finds out that hit was the heroine who told the wife and throws her away. This is what I liked, they are both at fault because the hero never asked why the heroine did it and the heroine never told the hero of her pregnancy. They don't see each until a year and two months later when the hero needs the heroine to help him sweet talk a man with property. This is what I like about the heroine, she rejects him and points out that she doesn't owe him anything, since she paid for her own things, even after quitting her job to be with him. The hero keeps pushing and the heroine gives in in fear that if he keeps digging deeper than he'll find out about his son. They go there and I must say that old man is a gentleman. It's fun to watch that there are parts in the story that have the hero actually showing emotion like fluster and joy. The hero gets hot and heavy with the heroine but the heroine says says something stuff how it lust, not love and the hero agrees. Idiot, thankfully, the heroine says no to sex and they don't after some arguing. I like that she held her ground in the end. They also don't have sex till they have worked everything out, which I found satisfying. Shortly after the no scene, the hero tells the heroine that she got a call from her sister of her son's (hero assumes it's her nephew) trip to the hospital. The heroine gets all upset and wants to go see her and I love that the hero didn't "forbid" her to stay but instead help her. I also liked that before the hero met the baby, the heroine states that the "nephew" is her son and leaves the hero to do the math quickly. I liked that the hero didn't question the possibility of the heroine seeing other men. That is so tiring. I loved the baby, he is so cute and a good one too. I also loved the sister of the heroine of how she gets right in front of the hero's face on what he did the heroine. I did find it a bit disappointing that the hero stated that they should marry and the heroine agreed to it. I did great it great that the hero wants to be involved with his son every day of his life and give him a lot of love. I think that one of my favorite scenes with the hero is when he's sees his son laughing in his arms and remarks how adorable he is. There is the extra of bonus of us seeing the hero's thoughts. It was amusing to find out how the hero and heroine became honest and learned about each other through stretch marks. I also liked that the hero wanted to be there throughout the heroine's pregnancy. We learn that the reason why the hero wanted to separate wife from child was because the wife was an alcoholic and wouldn't go into rehab. The heroine had no idea and apologized for what she did and the hero learns the reason why the heroine told the wife was because she was a child who was forced to separate from her mother and the hero went right into comforting by holding her and understanding her, finally! That's something new. We also learn that the reason why then hero is after the land of the gentlemen was because it originally belonged to his aunt and uncle until his creep of a father stole it from him. I like how he doesn't show a tantrum at heroine on the first sentence. They both look and sound calm talking about it. We then come upon another issue, which involves the land and what the hero and the heroine really want from each other. It's left unresolved and both hero and heroine suffer from it. The hero gives the aunt the island and the aunt is overjoyed with tears. The reader really sees the hero think over about the heroine. Meanwhile, the heroine and son get caught in a storm and we see the hero as a chivalrous knight when she calls him for help. I love how he just sprinted out the door to help her. I also liked that when the hero found, he didn't go spouting all anger and fury but gently held the umbrella over their heads. There was also another thing that I liked: the hero apologized, saying the two words"I'm sorry,". It can be rare of the hero actually using the words "I'm sorry" to express his apology. I love that the ending was sweet. There was a bit of a disappointment from the heroine: who puts a soaked baby back in a wet stroller, you put that baby up against your body,so it won't get cold or get an actual cold.

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