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When her boyfriend, Raul, first proposed to her, Alannah was shocked at the cruelty of his words. She was head over heels in love with him, but she knew that as a proud Spanish marquis, all he really wanted was a virgin bride to give birth to his heirs. Alannah left him…but who could have guessed that two years later, they would have a reason to meet again? This time, Alannah is the one with something important to share. But Raul has only grown more attractive in the time they’ve been apart. How will Alannah handle facing her lost lover once again?

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what is this leapfrog?! 2  2

The couple was leaping from page to page off, jumping from comforting each other to spitting fire at each other to having sex, to someone trying to douse the spark and it's a repeat. For cry in' in the night, they don't even address the first issue that caused them to break up. In the beginning, we have the happy proposal from the hero and the heroine is on cloud nine till the hero says the stupid thing and I mean really stupid, "Unless my bride is a virgin, it won't do for her to birth my heirs.". How many times was the hero dropped on his head as a baby to actually think it was socially okay for a woman to hear that right after a proposal?? No woman wants to hear that; I checked five sites on the original book's publication date and guess what?........It was published in 2008! I thought that this book was from the 1970's to 1990's because of what the hero said but no, it's 2008! The woman would have to have been a rare species to just go blissful happy after such a statement. The heroine was definitely not the rare species. She rejects him but instead of telling the hero, "Hey, I don't want to marry you because you'll marry me since I'm a virgin!" Instead, she goes off saying that she's been sleeping around and was only interested in money not marriage. I get women want to get away from the horrible man but do you really have to degrade your own image in order to get away from him?! That just doesn't make since and yet, the heroine does this. Disgusted, the hero calls off the engagement and the two of them don't see each for two years till a car accident that killed both their siblings (hero's younger sister and heroine's brother) brings them together. Then we have the cycle up above and it's so ridiculous. Then 75% of the book is full of this. Then the rest of the book is the two doing the whole, "I have always loved you" confessions. I would love that two but they leave the issues like why the heroine lied in the first place alone. Suddenly, they are the moonstruck engaged couples. I'm sorry but I couldn't buy it. It wasn't my cup of tea.

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