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Another year, another Valentine's Day. But Cam's roses are all blue, because on this day six years ago she met the love of her life, Blane, and eloped—only to find him gone three days later. Now she's made her dreams come true and owns her own café. She's happy…that is, until Blane shows up again! He wants to start over, and the touch of her old lover beings to wash away the flames of anger raging inside her. But can she bring herself to trust him again?

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rubbing between the eyebrows 3.5 4  4

My title is to show my physical action when I read the hero's reasoning in this novel. We have a hero and heroine who pulled what we would call a Las Vegas Wedding then suddenly; the hero disappears and leaves a note that he will be back. We fast forward six years later to where the hero goes back to the heroine with fianicial background and stability. Though, we know that the heroine doesn't want to reconcile and personally, I don't blame her because this man gave her no contact at all to explain what he was doing or why he was doing it for six years. Let us do the math, 365 days of the year multiple by six years and you get 2,190 days that he could have sent a letter explaining his actions. I did like that the hero is trying his best to get back together with the heroine but is still trying to think of the heroine's feeling on how they are connected. They start off slow, beginning their relationship as friends and the heroine starts to open thing like how she can't have kids, which doesn't seem to affect the hero in the slightest. The heroine thinks that it is great till she sees how he loves playing with his nieces and nephews and feeling like she can't give him that, she breaks up the relationship. What I found interesting is this is where the roles are reversed: the heroine wants to leave the hero because she can't give him what he wants and the hero doesn't care because again, he wants to be with the heroine. So, the heroine goes on a travel-through Europe trip, which I would love to do myself at my age. She is able to figure out that she still wants to be with the hero and decides to go back and from the sudden serving of coffee, her senses have determined her impending motherhood. She goes back to the hero and they have a sweet moment for the ending. Although, with a title like billionaire's baby, I would have liked to see a baby.

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