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Seasonal Romance DREAM WEDDING

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Miriam and her brother run a small catering company, and they're given the chance of a lifetime when millionaire Reece Vance hires them to cater his sister's wedding. The wedding is in only two weeks, but that's not the biggest problem—optimistic Miriam and cynical Reece are complete opposites! Will Miriam be the one to finally teach him the beauty of true love?

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pride and prejudice 5  5

Yep, that is the title because it is also like it. The hero and the heroine are always seeming to be clashing each other on the opinion of what is love, budgeting for food, weddings, cars, etc. They meet because the heroine and her brother's catering are last minute since the original catering are in trouble with the law, so now, he needs a full course of nine different dishes from four different ethnics like chinese and indian. Oh! let's not forget the additional seafood and dessert. It sounds like an international potluck if you ask me. During their time of planning the food for the wedding, there is always a good side of verbal intellectual fighting between the two based on their ideas. I don't know if this is supposed to be Jane Austen romance or a weird one but it's interesting to read. The hero is against his sister's wedding for these reasons: 1) the groom is a decade older than the heroine, 2) the groom makes less than the sister, 4) his sister marrying a man three months later after only knowing him for only a month, and 5) the age of 35 has made her go all off, wanting to have a family and "grabbing" the first man who said yes. I'm sorry but I feel sexism from the hero from both sides because there will be age gaps between couples, they don't have to be the exact same age. I felt sorry that the hero judged the groom based on his yearly income because the I know men who are husbands that don't make more money than their wives and they are still married to the same woman and are happy. For the sister, I do feel that she should wait a little bit but the idea that the woman should be appalled at marrying at the age of 35 is ridiculous. They move on, well the hero does to almost kissing the heroine who shouts out no and closes the door in front of him. We don't really get to see the hero's thoughts, which bug me but I love how the hero came to her rescue a couple of time from thugs. Then we meet 1/2 of Mr. Wickman or Miss Wickham who is a childhood friend of the hero, a possessive and snobbish woman. Why? She called the hero's sister's wedding, "a mess". I actually applauded the hero for not pushing her away with physical force. I must say that I like the hero's sister because she is modern and smart. She is a little embarrassed of not being able to properly boil an egg but her man and her are ready of him being the house husband and she bring home the bacon. Personally, that works for a lot of couples and men can be great house husbands, both in cooking and in cleaning. We then learn that the other part of Mr. Wickiam was another Ms. Wickam who was actually the hero and the sister's mother that left an impression of what marriage is. This scares the hero because he doesn't want his sister, whom he loves to turn out like his mother. The pages from then on go in the game of hot potato with the heroine trying to keep the hero at a arms length and the hero coming in close. The two share a meal at a burger house and when things are starting to get hot, the snobby Ms.Wickam comes in and ruins it all with the heroine running out of the door. Then on the day of the wedding, the sister invites the heroine to the ceremony but Ms. Wickam starts saying all these mean things in a church and boy I had the right words to say to her face that was acceptable in a church. I did like that the hero finally accepted the groom. Although, nothing is solved between the hero and the heroine and they don't see each other until Christmas and then everything is cleared up. It was a very sweet ending.

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