Pure Romance THE GP'S SECRET

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When a new doctor shows up where Davina works, she suddenly begins to learn more about her past. Because her father disappeared from town, she never knew who he was or what he was like, but the new doc, Rowan, seems to have answers to her questions. Davina and Rowan quickly fall for each other, but there are more obstacles to their future together than either of them imagined.

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It's going around the bush over & over 2.5 3  3

This story was a going around and around on the stand. Now, the heroine meets her boss (the hero) and is friendly towards him, they enjoy each other's company. She also gives him a heads up on the little town rumors on her: her mother abandoned her to run off with another man. Everything seems to go well until the aunt meets him and recognizes the hero's last name, which is the last name of the man that the heroine's mother ran off with. This makes the hero the son of the man, now the heroine wants nothing to do with him on a personal matter because of what the actions her mother and the man caused her to face in the village. She won't listen to anything he says, not even when she learns that her mother & the hero's father never married. The hero tries to tell the heroine but she doesn't listen until the hero's in a car crash. The truth: the heroine's father wasn't so expressive when it came to loving the heroine's mother, so she fall into the arms of her childhood friend (hero's father) but when the heroine's father found out, he threw her out and promised to kill her if she came back. The mother was coming back to get the heroine but she was in a car accident and died. The truth shocks the heroine so much that she stops visiting the hero who has given up on her. Then when she's finally ready to see the hero, he keeps his distance from her now because despite falling in love him, she still sees him by his last name, the name of the man who took her mother. I understood the heroine's hurt but get it through your head, it wasn't his fault and he had no knowledge of the incident until maybe a couple of months to a year of the incident. Now, she invites him over to dinner but when things start to get hot, they're instantly dowsed and the hero leaves again. It takes a "puma" to get the heroine and the hero on the same page and they reveal their feelings to each and announce their engagement to the heroine's aunt. Note: the puma was actually a lynx that someone kept as a pet till the owner abandoned it.

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Irrational 3  3

The male character spoke his mind in this manga, which was interesting. He tells the lead female she's being irrational... I enjoyed that part considering the fact that she was being irrational, but it would be a bad move if it was real life cause you never tell an irrational woman that she's being irrational. Especially if you hope for a relationship to work smoothly. lol. That being said in the 2nd half of the manga they both seem to struggle with rationality. This manga, like many harlequins, has a lot of drama as a result of brooding and coming to the wrong conclusions. I personally prefer external or real drama, but for this type of manga, it was a good read and the art was done well.

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