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Carrie may be fit enough to be a fitness coach, but is she fit to be a mother? She’s survived a year as the single mother to her nephew Danny, but when his uncle Nik comes to take him away, Carrie’s in for the fight of her life. If she won’t give up Danny, will she give up her freedom to make sure he’s safe in Nik’s far-off home in Greece?

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not a fan 2  2

I disliked this one. The female main character and male main character get together because of a child which the male main character's father wouldn't recognize. He's attracted to her so he takes her to bed. She puts up no resistance because she wants him... and a baby apparently too. She plays with his question to give him a false sense of security. The words spoken were: - Male: Are you taking birth control? Female: What? Male: Isn't it necessary if we are making love to each other. Female: Oh my. Female: that's nothing for you to worry about. - This is a simple yes or no question which she plays with. The answer should only be the truth: No, I am not on birth control. Not: That's nothing for you to worry about. This makes me dislike her. However, she's not the only one who is irritating. The guy strong arms her into staying under him and furthermore, he ignores her after he finds out. Which infuriates me. Yes she was wrong for what she did but his total hot and cold change without either breaking it off with her or forgiving her within a reasonable amount of time is irritating. I did like the black and white art in the manga but the front cover was not colored in a way I really liked. Sorry to be so nit picky but overall, I just didn't really care for this one. It could be good for some people based on their own personal preferences but this one was not for me.

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love for the same kid 3  3

The heroine and the hero are connected by the same thing: their nephew. The parents are of the sweet little boy was the brother to the hero and the cousin to the heroine. However, at the funeral of the couple, the father of the hero a.k.a the grandfather of the little boy came and told the poor heroine that he didn't recognize the child as his grandson and wouldn't get a penny from him: What a *beep*. The hero and heroine meet with bad first impression because a client/friend wants the heroine to get her husband's phone and delete a nasty message that she sent him. The hero comes just as the heroine is taking the phone and deleting the message, misunderstands the whole thing and thinks that she is a thief. Hmm, I don't know, if I were a thief I wouldn't go for a phone. I would find some jewelry or easy silver that you can pawn quick and fast at a pawnshop but a phone? The hero knew the heroine beforehand and her actions gives him the impression that she isn't a suitable caretaker for his nephew and states that he's taking back the boy, which infuriates the heroine. I wouldn't blame where two people from the same family say we don't want the boy and then give us the boy. The heroine runs out but meets the hero again with the little boy and I liked that when the hero wanted to go to a more private setting like in his limousine, the heroine showed backbone by saying no and suggesting a cafe to sit down. Their talk goes south with the heroine losing her heel from her high heel and the hero gives her a ride. I liked that the hero had already equipped the limousine with a car seat for the baby as well as toys. That's really sweet. I like that the heroine's job is a fitness trainer. They talk some more and then the hero calls a night but will come back to the heroine and make sure that the baby will live so comfortably that he won't need to go to daycare. Excuse me, but what is wrong with daycare? Other than the fact, that kids can get sick from other kids, it's a good place for little kids to develop with other young children both older and younger. Then the heroine escapes with the little boy to Spain with a friend/ client but the hero once again finds her. We also learn that the phone couple still go through in the breakup. Just an FYI. I know it sounds weird and a bit cruel but I did like how the heroine started crying when she was stressed from the boy's high fever because it shows how scary it can be to be in a foreign country with a sick baby. Luckily, the hero comes in and helps her get to a doctor but plays the sneaky man by having them board a plane to Greece instead of England. I would have said that the heroine should have checked but with the baby and the high probability of people lying to her because of their loyalty to the hero, I gave her to some leeway. The couple are still at a comprise on who will raise the boy till the hero opens up "marriage" option to which the heroine disagrees. But one thing leads to another and they have sex. And Guess What? The heroine is a virgin, which angers the hero because she lied to him. How? He never asked if she was a virgin, only if she was on birth control and she replied honestly, no. Then he loses a lot of brownie points with saying, "I'm supposed to know everything about you not you know me," Really?! The man is losing brownie points, but I have to admit why didn't the heroine say no to the hero when she would have gotten the obvious hint of wanting sex from the hero's question of birth control. They marry two weeks later and the hero runs away to work. Although, I did like the beach scene with skipping rocks and learning more about each other's past. Although, three weeks later of fun and the heroine suspects of being pregnant, which makes her think up of a lot of things that are a bit ridiculous like how the hero would take this baby like he took the little boy, which is not true because he brought her as well as sought more compromising, even it was "marriage" only option. When the heroine tells the hero of the "maybe" pregnancy, he does not take it well and ends up distancing himself from the heroine. It's because of his memories of what a father is from his horrible father frightens him because new he is going to be a there and he doesn't know if he can be a good one but we all know that he doesn't tell the heroine. I did like that we see a little bit of the hero's thoughts. I also liked that it took an appointment for a sonogram to bring them together because when the hero finds out, he rushes to the hospital and comforts the heroine because they can't find the baby. But don't worry the baby is there and the hero was being a good man to the heroine. I love the two of them seeing their baby on the monitor, it's so sweet. The ending was cute, but no new baby scene.

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