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When she arrives in the desert nation of Tarakhar, volunteer teacher Cassie is abducted by evil men and offered as a dancer to a strange man. She attacks them in an attempt to escape, but they restrain her with their powerful arms. The man she was given to is Sheikh Amir, a true king! When he learns of her situation, he promises to let her go, but she must pretend to be his mistress to ensure her safety. As the two spend their nights alone together, Cassie finds herself drawn to the noble man, even though he already has a beautiful fiancée!

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stop one's feelings 3.5 4  4

A heroine who has been unwanted all her life by her parents, goes to the Middle East to make a new person out of her. However, before she begins her job as a volunteer teacher, she goes out to see the desert and is captured by a bunch of bandits who use her in order to gain favor with the hero who's visiting and planning to arrest them secretly. When the hero learns of the heroine's story, he makes it his mission to get her out of there. However, he can't have her because to act upon his feelings is to act like his irresponsible, pleasure seeking parents. Unfortunately, for the hero, as he spends time with the heroine horse riding, playing chess, talking, etc. He finds his feelings harder to resist as he falls deeper in love with her, the heroine feels the same but is afraid because of her past of being unloved and unwanted. Yet, she takes the first step in lovemaking and the hero complies. After a week, they're able to make it back to the hero's country safely. The hero gets busy with preparing to stop the bad guys and the heroine already integrates herself into the culture of women by teaching them English. Then the heroine learns after the hero gave her a very expensive necklace that he's getting married to another woman. She runs off, only to have fallen into the bad guy's trap to be used as bait for the hero. When the hero learns of it, it's the night of his wedding and he has to make a choice between going with his feelings or not being like his parents. In the end, he goes after the heroine and has her take the title of his bride because he can't imagine a life without her. He asks her to marry him and she replies yes. We have an ending with a cute little baby and they hold each other into the night.

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Kyahh! Super ❤️ it!!! 5  5

I love everything about it except for two scenes. First, that time where she was butt naked in his tent to offer herself to him. She said it herself she's there to seduce him. I don't like it when women do that or say lewd things like that. Be a lady goddammit! And second, the violent gun shooting at the ending. I just hate violence so I might just be overreacting. All in all I loved it and the surprise ending was just so cute. I was already happy on how he proposed (very romantic and unexpected) and how the wedding turned out. But the ending was just a generous bonus. hahaha!!! What a cutie! (There I gave you a major clue!)

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