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Sienna visits her estranged husband, Adam, in his luxurious apartment. His home is a testament to the fact that he sacrificed his marriage for work and achieved great success. But she must reveal the truth she has been hiding from him for five years—Adam hasa son. She apologizes for deciding to raise the child alone, but in her defense, it was he who said he did not want any children. Adam is shocked, but he is delighted to learn about his son—perhaps he’s now ready to be a father…and her husband.

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Idiot male lead, selfish and horrible female lead 1  1

Unfortunately this manga had a lot of issues. It starts with a woman who shows up 4 years later after being separated from her husband but not turning in divorce papers to drop the bomb that they had a child but that he couldn't see him yet.... the male unlike in every single manga that has this plot device, somehow doesn't get mad at the female lead hardly at all for completely disregarding him or his right to be part of the child's life until now and she doesn't seem sorry for doing it or even attempt to apologize. She whines about his work endlessly and tries to use it as an excuse to continue excluding him from his child's life. In fact, it seemed the only reason she came back to tell him about the child wasn't that it was "the right thing" but to attempt to gain more leverage so her whining would have more of an affect on him. Although she was completely horrible. She never once apologizes and the guy never once sets her straight on her horribleness although doing so would have probably been a big problem and she wouldn't have seen how she was wrong anyways. She tries to say that she expected him to change. This is my biggest Pet Peeve in manga and also in life. It means she never actually loved him anyways, what she loved was what she thought she saw in his potential to make her happy and bend to her will. Eventually when he finally opens up to her about his grandfather and the traumatizing things he's been through, she lies to get out of talking about it, takes the kid and disappears. Forcing him to come find her and tell her what she want's to hear, that he loves her just to be able to get a chance to be with his son. He doesn't have any animosity towards he actions or disappearing with his child, he just seems like a poor wounded animal under a cruel tyrant of a master. He's pathetic and the female lead is horrible.

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