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After her mother’s passing, Joanna lives a life wandering visiting casinos with her gambler father. Joanna’s kindness will not allow her to abandon her father, who has her dress as a prostitute at the casinos to distract his opponents and turn the game in his favor. One day, her father participates in a private game hosted by the Greek millionaire Vassos, but a crushing defeat burdens him with an enormous debt… Then, the millionaire cruelly tells him with a smile: “I willoffers him one escape—he’ll forget forgive the debt if you her father gives Joanna to me himthe woman.”

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editor's comment - January 22nd, 2016

The Heroine is a young girl who is trying her best to help her father out with her beauty. She accidentally falls in love with her father's enemy and at the beginning she couldn’t believe herself. But at the end she realizes that it’s a true love and the Hero wants her too.

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The story was almost perfect for me however, it lacked how the hero and the heroine developed feelings for each other. It should have shown many instances while they were in the mansion how they became close to each other. They should have lessen the parts for their back story.

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Awesome Story.... 5  5

Beautiful Story

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too young for my cup of tea. 3  3

I put a lot of the blame on the father because who sells her daughter to a man that might hurt horribly her. He should have known better considering the fact that she was nearly raped by some poor loser at cards all because she gave him the "signals" for it. And this was at a card that he insisted that she be there to act as a pretty distraction. Fathers want her daughters to be beautiful but not to get involved in dangerous actions. Then there's the dead mother. When the heroine gets involved with the father because she went with her dad after her mother's death but there's no mention of working or going to college. I mean if this man disappears from time to time then the mom should have warned the girl. Plus, the heroine was 18 when she left with her dad after her mother's death and seems to still be 18. Let us not forget the hero, because he really got *bad word* over because he messed with the father in order to get the heroine because of what happened with the poor loser. So, the fathers abandons the heroine to the hero and when the heroine gets to the hero's private mansion, housekeeper gives her the, "you are a prostitute look." It' only after the hero and heroine have sex, that the hero realizes with horror of the heroine's *lost flower* is by his hands. This is another thing that I don't get is that why does the man have sex with the so called "destroyer of men" who messed his friend up! After this, the housekeeper and everyone else start treating the heroine as if she were spun glass. Granted that's what they should do but the hero is able to learn the whole truth of the heroine. Now, this is what struck me as weird, the heroine claimed that her dad needed her but the hero saw it as love. In my point of view, to love someone is more than just needing but wanting to be with this person. And it doesn't have to be a lover but family and friends. We want to go outside to visit a friend or we want to help our elderly parents who need assistance. The heroine just wanted to feel needed to feel like she had a place in life. It just didn't float my boat considering just how young she was.

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Enjoyable read but that dad... he was horrible. 5  5

I really liked this one. The art was great, the story was as well and so was the characters for the most part. The father was horrible but he was made to be that way. I could tell that they had a hard time fitting the story into manga form but it still came off good. I plan to read the novel too when I get the chance so I can absorb the whole story. I liked the female lead this time. My favorite part was when she first meet him and landed on top of him while playing with a kid from the hotel. It was cute. So overall, I really enjoyed this one and would happily read the manga again and suggest it to other people.

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