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Interior designer, Jude, has been asked for a favor by her friend, Freddy. He needs money from his family'’s trust fund in order to open a new jazz club, but his older brother, Cesar, won'’t agree to the project. Therefore,So Freddy wants Jude to help him convince his brother. When Jude meets Cesar after he comes to visit Freddy one snowy night, she understands his woes. Cesar is so aloof and unapproachable, with a tendency tohe can freeze people in their tracks. And though he may be devilishly handsome, he'’s also infuriatingly arrogant. After a night of talking, Cesar takes offers to drive Jude home, but as they brave the snow-laden roads, the two soon find themselves stranded!

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There were some pros an cons to the story. The CONS was the fact that we never really know what kind of a woman, the hero's dead wife. It's because when the hero finds out about his brother's pregnant lover who just gave birth to his niece prematurely, he compares wife and her characteristics to the stereotype of the lover's previous occupation: stripping. Then towards the end, the hero called the dead wife, honest, gentle, and meek. None of that makes sense of who was this dead wife. The second thing was the heroine allowing herself to be the hero's brother's sacrificial messenger to the hero. The first time, I could understand because it was the withdraw of money out of the brother's trust fund. Yet, he tells the heroine to tell his own brother that his lover gave birth to his child. I'm sorry but that does not work for me because if someone I cared about to be a sibling did that to me, I would shoot the messenger metaphorically and hate the fact that the sender didn't come to tell it to my face. I don't blame the hero for getting mad but don't get mad at the messenger, get mad at the sender. The 3rd con was that the heroine didn't tell the hero when she had to go to the hospital because something happened in the early stages of her pregnancy and he knew about her being pregnant. The man wants to be involved and it's horrible that you don't tell him. The fourth con is that they have sex when the heroine is about 1 month to 2 months pregnant, that is not the time you should be having sex because it could hurt the baby. Okay, now the pros: The 1st is that we get to see from the hero's perspective, that is always a bonus. I like the heroine's direct personality. It made things more interesting than having to deal with the doormat heroine. The 3rd thing is the hero doesn't say, "Who's the father?" for, that is a lot of brownie points since it's so tiring when the hero tries to place the paternity blame on someone else. The 4th is the hero and heroine willing to compromise with one another. For example, the hero finds a house but doesn't buy it until he hears the okay from the heroine. The last thing is the ending, the ending is so goo. There were some faults but all in all, it was a good story to read.

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