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He always seemed to show up at her engagement parties… Judith first met Alex seven years ago when her fiancé died under mysterious circumstances the night before their wedding. Now as she prepares to marry someone new, Alex has returned… Judith swears she’ll resist him this time, but when he approaches her and whispers softly in her ear, all her resolve begins to crumble.

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such terrible people! 1  1

If I could rate this lower I would! The leads are just a bunch of selfish idiotic fools who think cheating and lying to people and crying about it will make them seem likeable. First of all, why is this Judith girl always constantly saying yes to marrying anyone who proposes to her? What is her IQ coz she seems really stupid. The lead man is also an idiot for obsessing over his bestfriends fiance for 7 years when she was so easily going to put out on the first day they met by the bushes on the day of their engagement. . Um sorry what? Both the engaged were cheating on each other.. wth. And why are these men such dumbasses competing over anything including women? ANd why is Judith always ok with men trying to sexually harass her and embarass her? What kind of an adult still plays and talks with stuff animals? Is that suppose to make her endearing because it doesnt! And the whole cutting loose ends by making her current fiancee also being with another woman and realizing he loves the other one so it makes it ok that Judith cheated on him and slept with his business partner in his own house ok. And the whole ohh..he cheated on me first! so im off the hook. No cheap woman it does not make u look better. OMG. THIS STORY IS DISGUSTING ! and can i just say, it was so unnecessary for Judith to take all of Alex' clothes for the sponge bath. she really is a thirsty skank. Im sorry but its true.

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a psychological problem!! 1  1

To put it simply: I despised this book because of the people. Yes, especially the women because of what they did and didn't do. To start off in the present, we have a heroine who's engaged to the son of her recently deceased employer. The first woman to tick me off is the housekeeper of the deceased employer who knew the heroine in the last seven years that she was in employed. They built a relationship of friends/coworkers, yet she doesn't tell the heroine that her fiancee has been sleeping with his secretary before he proposed to the heroine and has been during their engagement. Not only that, but she sympathized with the secretary, Poor secretary! Poor heroine, because she has no clue about this. If I were the housekeeper, I would tell her because it's wrong to let a someone marry a person who won't treat them or their marriage right. Next is the secretary: what is wrong with this woman? Leave the #$%*!!Your'e still around the boss, you've been sleeping with that is marrying another woman & his sister abuses you. I don't know why throughout the entire book, she didn't say enough , by handing the boss a resignation, get a haircut & self esteem, and find a good man. I hated it. The last woman was the heroine. After reading this entire book, I believed that the heroine had some sort of syndrome making her think that she should be engaged to cheaters and the relatives of cruelty. One ex: seven years ago, she was engaged to another man who treated her opinions like dust and herself as an embarrassment. Ex: he gets mad & disgusted at her wish to have a modest & simple wedding. Not only that, his mother & sister taunt & humiliate her because of her common standing. The fiancee & the heroine don't come to her defense, which ticks me off. This pattern happens again with the 2nd fiancee, only the mother and sister have been replaced with 2nd fiancee's cruel sister and creepy husband. That's not even the best part because she finds out about the 1st fiancee's cheating through other people and from the 2nd fiancee himself. I mean there were signs from the two men that they didn't love the heroine & were cheating. The heroine caught the 1st fiancee with a nurse who has less than the average work clothes on. HIs lame excuse: "She seduced me." If that lame excuse didn't convince the heroine then the his arm wrapped around the nurse's waist should have been evidence to dump him like a rotten hot potato. The men were also idiots. The first fiancee got the right amount of karma that he threw into the world right back at him. I couldn't understand the 2nd fiancee because he was dating his secretary longer than he knew the heroine and right after his mom's death then he suddenly proposes to her live-in nurse (heroine). What was wrong with him? Was it a sense of human stupidity or the $50,000 pounds that the heroine received from the employer's will as a thank you from beyond the grave. The hero, I couldn't understand him because if the 1st fiancee got my sister pregnant then left her, I would have done everything I could to get him alone and beat the living daylights out of him. I wouldn't go gaga over his fiancee. Then how could he not find her, it's so simple to launch a P.I. to see if the hospital had her forwarding address or perhaps go to a job agency for nurses. I'm sorry, this book just wasn't for me.

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